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Any new info on the Bandai Primaris Intercessor figure that GW took pre-orders for last October?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Most Glorious Grey Seer

Everett, WA

So, the pre-orders went live and immediately sold out on Oct 5th of last year. That's nearly four months ago. Have there been any whispers in the warp about production of these?

I gave my money and have seen nothing from the people who put this up for sale. It almost feels like I've backed a kickstarter here.


Reading's for morons who can't understand pictures.

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Ancient Ultramarine Venerable Dreadnought

Second quarter of 2020 is what I remember reading on warcom. Long lead times are the way of things when it comes to Japanese figures

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Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

I observe that the original ad says delivery early 2020, so at best they'd be shipping about now...
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Dakka Veteran

South East London

They are hitting UK shores in April 2020, assuming April/May 2020 for US?

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Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

Is the Coronavirus going to delay these? You might wanna prepare for that.

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Manchu wrote:I'm a Catholic. We eat our God.

Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
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Regular Dakkanaut

Everett, wa

I was hoping for an update through GW, I got the same kickstarter feeling as the OP.

But the previous poster makes a good point about coronavirus. We might want to be expecting delays.

Oh, hey, Breotan is in Everett too, cool.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Fargo, ND USA

Simonbarsinistr wrote:
I was hoping for an update through GW, I got the same kickstarter feeling as the OP.

But the previous poster makes a good point about coronavirus. We might want to be expecting delays.

Oh, hey, Breotan is in Everett too, cool.

We DO have an update from GW. They posted it last month:

There's also been several updates in Japan from Bandai, where this will be a regular release item(it's only GW exclusive outside of Japan as evidenced by its availability at several online retailers that import from Japan). Anyone seeing this as a Kickstarter situation has clearly never pre-ordered Japanese toys before.

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May 12th


omg omg omg! Bandai? Plus Warhammer? I simply *cannot* wait to get this bad boy up on my shelves! For the Emperor!

[Thumb - bandmarine1.jpg]

[Thumb - bandmarine2.jpg]

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