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Made in us
Stinky Spore

Boca Raton

Hi guys,

Just coming back after not playing for several years and am getting back into it with a new Astra Militarum army. I have much more in my collection but for now I'm working with 1500 points. Let me know how this looks.

Battle Forged +3cp
Battalion Detachment +5cp
Regiment: Cadian

Company Commander (30)
Kurov's Aquila

Company Commander (30)

Infantry Squad (43)
Sargent (LP/CS)
Guardsmen w/ Grenade Launcher

Infantry Squad (43)
Sergent (LP/CS)
Guardsmen w/ Grenade Launcher

Infantry Squad (43)
Sargent (LP/CS)
Guardsmen w/ Grenade Launcher

Commisar (20)
Plasma Pistol

Tech-preist Enginseer (30)

Heavy Support:
Heavy Weapons Squad (45)
3x Mortar

Heavy Weapons Squad (63)
3x Lascannon

Dedicated Transport:
Chimera (73)

Supreme Command Detachment +1cp
Vigilus Defiant: Emperor's Fist Tank Company -1cp
Regiment: Cadian

Knight Commander Pask (238)
Punisher Gatling Cannon
Heavy Bolters

Tank Commander (192)
Executioner Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannons

Tank Commander (203) Warlord - Grand Strategist
Punisher Gatling Cannon
Heavy Bolters

Spearhead Detatchment +1cp
Regiment: Cadian

Company Commander (30)

Heavy Suppport:
Basilisk (180)
Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ (174)
Battle Cannon

Manticore (133)
Heavy Bolter

Total Points: 1,498
Total CP: 9

My goal for this army is just to have something enjoyable to play at the LGS for now, but eventually I want to turn this into something that I can take to competitive events. Right now the strategy is simple. Use the Punisher tanks to clear a path/screens for my other heavy hitting tanks. The infantry squads are really there for objective control. I plan on putting one in the Chimera and moving that forward for any objectives out of reach. The mortars are another screen clearing unit and the lascannon squad i plan on sticking behind cover and using them to focus anything that gets to close to my gun line. I'm going to keep my techpreist close to the Russ line to keep them supported.

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3500pts of Orks
2000pts of AM
1850pts of Necrons
1000pts of IH 
Made in fi
Decrepit Dakkanaut

a) you are going to be lacking on CP a bit.
b) also 30 infantry is very little screen and then your tanks are vulnerable to being tagged in melee rest of the game. With my sisters I would aim to get rid of those ASAP and then either take out(exorcists) or tag(seraphim, who also can shoot at them with inferno pistols) those punishers. Rest aren't that scary(as I ignore -1 and -2). With just 3 squads you would struggle to cover those punishers.
c) heavy weapon teams(the HS choice) are really bad outside mortars. they need LOS so if they can shoot enemy can shoot as well. Your lascannon squad is dead after enemy T1.

Would also make company commander as warlord. Russ can be targeted and will be taken out quick. Company commander can be hidden more easily.

chimera isn't all that good either but at least make it twin heavy bolter. Multi laser is just more expensive worse weapon. The S6 comes into play very rarely. -1 nearly all the time(barring when you face most sisters of battle, salamanders and their kind)

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https://middleagedstrategybattlegamers.home.blog/2019/12/31/tneva82-december-moria/<- lotr painting blog

12 factions for Lord of The Rings
11772 pts(along with lots of unpainted unsorted stuff)
5265 pts
5150 pts
~3200 pts Knights

Made in dk
Guardsman with Flashlight

Hi there, and kudos for your choice of army.

I agree with Tneva82. Take those lascannons and stuff them into the infantry squads. They will survive longer that way. I would also ditch the Aquila, and give your Company Commander another piece of gear. I would give him Laurels of command and Grand strategist. You will have a 4+ to repeat each order with another squad, and another 4+ to give the same squad a new ordre, for free. Stick him in between your increased number of infantry squads and let him go to town.
My favorite tactic is to take 3 squads of mortars, and stick him in between them!

Inexperience is not a permanent condition. Stupidity is!

“When in deadly danger, When beset by doubt, Run in little circles, Wave your arms and shout.” 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

They are both right. This is the "marine new meta" moment, where marine players fire twice as often as they did last time you played. So think of it not as 3 screen, but as 1.5 screens! There are also a lot of snipers (especially line of sight ignoring eliminators that can start in range of your back wall) on the board right now, and that is a real challenge for gaurd players. Your chimera will be invaluable to gaurd your officer fcorps.
Made in es
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Personally, I'd try to take some cheap Sentinels and reorganize your guys into a Brigade. You'll probably need more infantry squads to screen your tanks and artillery anyway.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Let me elaborate. Ravengaurd successors are a common enough element in competitive play these days, and this is what will unmake you. However, any marine army with scouts (and usually 3 thunderfire cannon) is EQUALLY fast at removing your screens.

30 gaurdsmen in 3 squads won't last long enough to affect the game on any level in this meta, and you should be thinking hard about how to structure a gaurd army to not use imperial gaurd infantry as screens before you go competitive.

Because in competitive play, gaurd troops is definitely paper to the marine scissors.

6 aggressor = 222 points. (108 average bolter shots ranging to back of your deployment zone/board) (-1 cp to infilitrate, and arrived nearby using "master of ambush" before the game
30 scouts = 354 points. (another 108 average bolter shots ranging to nearly the back of your deployment zone) (12 stormbolter in there. They start 9 inches beyond your zone and begin by firing._)
any ravengaurd officer (cheapest is a techmar) 45 points. (one officer is necessary to get the 6 aggressors to start 3 inches from your deployment zone without having moved. That is how ravengaurd says hello.) (-1 cp for master of ambush trait)

Getting all of this to shoot on the first turn at a gaurd's infantry before he moves is something almost any marine player can afford in competitive play, and scouts are not even the worst marine infantry that can do this scout move stuff. Non-ravengaurd marine armies tend to have multiple thunderfire cannon firing, and maybe a whirlwind, and some flyers.
Go look up the gun, and imagine 3 of them shooting 4 times at your screens (because one will doubletap) and all but 2 shots hitting you.
Then count scout bolter shots from 9 inches outside your deploy zone. If they must move, then count half as many from 3 inches outside it, or 21 inches into it.

Now figure how many gaurdsmen you need to buy to have any alive when you finally get to move, on turn 1. In the best case, I reckon its about 60 less than you had.

30 is the number the scouts alone kill (well;, 25, but then morale phase kicks in, and the other 5 die)
three thunderfire will average something like another 20 kills (24 hits that ignore cover, wound on 2's and have ap-2, its just "did you roll a 1 to hit, and was there a lieutenant nearby to buff this?), while the ravengaurd aggressors will pop 40 or so. For another cp, it becomes 28 or so more kills (and then, morale)

That is pretty much every game I play these days and about 2/3 my local competitive opponents run some varient of the 30 scouts, 3 thunderfire, or 30 scouts, 6 aggressor ravengaurd, or most horrifyingly, a ravengaurd alpha strike detachment in front of an iron gaurd indirect fire artillery column. Uncompetitive games? You may find yourself shooting at a pair of landraiders with 5 terminator in each one, or at a line of orcs.
Course, 2 landraiders will kill 30 gaurdsmen at range, in one turn, but they won't be there so fast.

Whew. Rant completed!

I hope this give some insight into why we are all saying "uh, your screens, maybe build up?"

edit. My main nemisis in this game uses centurion/assault instead of aggressors, because they can move in, ignore cover, and have 12 inch ranged flamers before the charges they throw.
Depending on deployment roll, this will simply end the game for my traditional gaurd.

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