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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Newly back into 40k and trying to get a handle on the new stuff for marines out there. I have played grey knights and deathwing in the past and I thought a primaris 1st company “gravis”wing army would be fun to try out. It will be low on CP but thats just kind of how it goes with this concept, at least that Ive gathered so far.

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [49 PL, 965pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Raven Guard

+ HQ +

Captain in Gravis Armor [6 PL, 108pts]: Boltstorm gauntlet, Master of Ambush, Master-crafted power sword, The Armour Indomitus, Warlord

+ Elites +

Aggressor Squad [10 PL, 222pts]: 5x Aggressor, Aggressor Sergeant
. Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher

Aggressor Squad [5 PL, 111pts]: 2x Aggressor, Aggressor Sergeant
. Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher

Redemptor Dreadnought [7 PL, 155pts]: 2x Storm Bolters, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

+ Fast Attack +

Inceptor Squad [14 PL, 246pts]: Assault bolter x2, 5x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant

Inceptor Squad [7 PL, 123pts]: Assault bolter x2, 2x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant

[b]++ Total: [49 PL, 965pts
Tactics are basically to use all the necessary cp and warlord trait to make a bunch of Thicc boys scary close to the things they want to shoot. Inceptors would be there to snatch the life from objective squaters and other targets of opportunity.
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