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Made in se
Been Around the Block

Hi all.
So I am trying to get back into the hoby after many years abscent and havr decided to start a Tyranid army because I have come across a paint scheme I just have to do.
I got a great deal on some used miniatures and will expand with my favourite Tyranid minature, namnley Warriors.
The thing is I dont really know what works together or which is good so I just made a list to the best of my abilities.
In the future I will expand with more big nids since I love big miniatures.

The list:

Broodlord 115.p

Tyranid Prime: Adrenal glands, Toxin Sacs, Deathspitter, Boneswords 82.p

15x Geanstealers 180.p

6x Tyranid Warriors: Deathspitter and Boneswords 162.p

6x Tyranid Warriors: Deathspitter and Boneswords 162.p

3x Venomthropes 90.p

Tyrannofex: Rupture Cannon 208.p

Toral: 999.p

This is a shooting heavy list with some punch so I think I will go with the tunnel digging fleet to give myself cover save. But as I said before, Tyranids is a totally new thing for me so any advice is appreciatable.

Made in nz
Longtime Dakkanaut

Auckland, NZ

It's not a bad start.

Some of your point costs aren't quite right. Best check you're using the latest updates.
The warriors and tyrannofex are a bit cheaper than what you've listed.

I wouldn't bother with the adrenal glands and toxin sacs on the tyranid prime, unless you've got absolutely nothing else to spend those points on.
If you drop those upgrades, then combined with the cheaper warriors + tyrannofex you have about 30 spare points. Enough to throw in another venomthrope, or a warrior, or a couple more genestealers.

Jormungandr isn't a bad choice. Although it would be a better one if you had some raveners in the list, that you could use to tunnel in the warriors.
If sticking with Jormungandr, I'd probably drop the venomthropes in favour of raveners. The -1 to hit doesn't really help much these days against the full re-rolls you see in space marine armies. It's still great against stuff like tau and imperial guard. So you'll have to think about what you're likely to run into in your local group.

One decent alternative is Kronos, which would help your tyrannofex and warriors hit more often, along with provide access to a psychic power to make their 6+ to hit with shooting produce 2 hits. It doesn't do much for your assault elements though, aside from use them as a source for an anti-psyker stratagem.

Another decent alternative is Kraken, which is the opposite. Helping your assault elements, while not doing very much for your shooting. Your genestealers would love it, and it would help your warriors get into combat too.

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Made in se
Been Around the Block

Thanks. Yeah the points were way off.
I dont really know my local meta yet since I have yet to visit the local game store, however I picked upp some new toys so I will be able to play around with the army even more.
That made me drop the Venomthrome for a Trygon (start collecting box FTW) and fiddling around with the unit numbers a little. This lended me a few points to give some semi useless upgrades across the board.

Broodlord 115.p
Tyranid Prime: Adrenal Glands, Flesh Hooks, Bone Swords, Detah Spitter 80.p

16x Geanstealers 192.p

5x Warriors: Bone Swords, Death Spitters 125.p

6x Warriors: Bone Swords, Death Spitters 150.p

Trygon: Adrenal Glands, Toxin Spike 144.p

Tyrranofex: Rupture Cannon 194.p


Chronos Might be a good Idea to improve the shooting since i have 36 heavy bolter shots that will hit on 3+ rerolling 1's

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