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Back at the turn of the century I was living in my own apartment and had a half decent looking home made 6ft x 4ft gaming table for 40k, made from 3mm plyboard, with 25mm bead foam sheet on top, with a river carved out across the middle, some bridges across it, polystyrene tiles on top to denote the difference between roads and building plots and some foamcore ruined buildings.

It was inspired by GW's cityscape they did around the same time and showed off in White Dwarf.

Unfortunately I had to move out of my apartment back to my parents, then I moved into another apartment, moved out again and then finally (so far) moved back to my parents house. So for at leat 15 years myself and my regular gaming buddy have had no proper gaming board. We've been gaming on his 5ft x 3ft table, on a blank boring grey surface.

Until yesterday that is. He moved to his own apartment last Orktober and the other week I put together a 4ft x 4ft gaming board, using 2 4ft x 2ft (the metric equivalent of anyway) 6mm MDF sheets, and two of the "game mats" that come with the Know No Fear 40k starter set. We have plans to expand to a 6ft x 4ft if we need/want to but need to work out how to fit a 3rd of those Know No Fear gaming mats to the existing two without permanently joining the MDF sheets.

As you can see below there is a gap around the edge of the MDF sheet, but the plan is to either paint that gap black or cover it with black duct tape...

Combined with my original "ruins" and my single Oldcromunda terrain set, it made for a much better looking board during yesterday's Oldcromunda game. Can't say it improved the quality of the game, it was a massacre, but at least it looked half decent.

It needs more terrain, preferably better looking, but it's better than playing on a boring grey, not wide enough surface.

Some quick photos I took (you can see my gaming buddy's table under the MDF sheets) -

My Van Saar gang -

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Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

Terrain is very important.

For years and years I had a 6x4 dining room table, but it had curved ends, so it was really only 4x4 of use. Eventually I got an 8x4 piece of board to put on it, but you couldn't get around one end. An eventual solution was a pair of 5x2.5 trestle tables that I could put together.

Over time I've slowly built up from using the boxes that the minis came in to make buildings to set-ups like this, this and this.

It's a long process, but well worth it.

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If that's what you've got it's a great start my friend and it'll allow you to build more and add to.

I agree with what H.B.M.C says in that terrain is important both for the game and especially as part of the immersion of the game IMHO. Aaaaahhhhh.....old box houses and cd case towers. them were the days lol.
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When I started I had an old 6x3' pool table that we all played on with the cardboard ruins from the second edition box and some model railway trees, felt rivers and hills made out of layers of cardboard painted and flocked. We also had a few buildings made out of packaging.

But since moving out of home 17 years ago I have always been playing on what I would consider sub optimal set ups for terrain.

This last year I have been working hard on a basic set up, and I am pretty happy with what I have done. It is supririsngly easy to do once you get yourself some space and the right tools. I love the cloth and PVC mats you can get these days, it really makes a difference to whatever surface you go for.

Your set up is looking great! Some really lovely ideas on Wyloch's youtube channel, I particularly like this project, would fit in well with the sort of stuff you have already:

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Made in us
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I picked up the alpha gaming table because it folds up nicely and I have limited space. I'm pretty happy with it. As far as terrain goes I've bought most of mine cheaply second hand and me or my friends have made some. I think I have a decent set up but I do intend on expanding.

My Fantasy set up:

40k set up

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Made in us
Battlefield Tourist


Now, I use a set-up that is on top of a set of NSF wire racks, with a piece of 8 by 4 foot plywood over the top. The shelving allows me a lot of storage, decent height, and a large table top. For a long time, I used a pair of closet doors instead of the Plywood.

For terrain, I use a variety of inexpensive options to bulk it out and make it look good to play on. You can see some photos here:


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