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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Looking for some input here guys n gals, got a loose guard army sketched out, if people could pick out any major flaws I would appreciate that immensely!
Wanted to keep it to 1500 or less, lemme talk you through it, I've made some sacrifices!
Battleforged (+3 CP)
Supreme Command Detachment, Cadian (+1 CP).
Vigilus Defiant, Emperors Fist Tank Company (-1 CP)

Lord Castellan Creed (+2CP, Warlord)
Tank Commander, 3 Heavy Flamers, Exterminator Autocannons.
Tank Commander, Lascannon, Plasma Cannons, Relic: Hammer of Sunderance.
Baneblade, w 2x extra sponsons, 4 Lascannons, 8 Heavy Bolters

Battalion Detatchment, Cadian (+5CP)
Primaris Psyker, Nightshroud, Psychic Barrier, Smite.
Aradia Madellan, Psychic Augment, Smite

30 Conscripts
30 Conscripts
30 Conscripts

Techpriest Enginseer

Armoured Sentinel, Plasma Cannon
Armoured Sentinel, Plasma Cannon
Armoured Sentinel, Plasma Cannon

10CP, 1496pts...
Baneblade and Sunderance Tank Commander punish downrange. Exterminator Tank commander takes midfield.
Plasma Sentinels sit somewhere inconvenient to my opponent and don't move all game, re-roll all day long, who's gonna spare real anti-tank with a blade and tank commanders staring them down?
90 Scripts listen to Creed... I know they're technically worse value than their number in infantry squads, but they don't cost 2 CPs to make a 30 man blob... I can use those CPs instead to pass morale consistently.
Techpriest babysits the Baneblade, Aradia makes him hit better, primaris psyker makes him harder to hit.

Tell me what you think guys n gals?
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

That's...scary. XD I like it! Now I wanna do something like that. XD

That said Arcadia only works on infantry, not the baneblade.

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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Nice catch on Aradia; I mean +1 to hit on a script blob is scary anyway; especially if they don't move and get first rank second rank fire off... that'll be a large number of shots, hitting on 3s, re-rolling ones... might actually be worth putting bring it down on them instead for the wound re-rolls...
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

She may not buff it with a +1 to hit but she can still be swapped out for 2 astropaths, one to +1 to save and the other -1 to hit, greatly increasing its lifespan.

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