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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all.

I am looking to get in to Bolt Action and am looking at the Soviets. I'll likely be playing a mix of friendlies and competitive games so would be good to have a few units I can use in both.

I've picked up the starter army box and a ZiS3 DG.

If anyone out there has any experience playing Soviets I'd be grateful for some advice on;

- How best to build the starter box squads
- Other units that might complement the starter box I could add
- Whether tanks are necessarily 'worth it'?

Cheers all.

Made in us
Legendary Dogfighter

Alexandria, VA

Welcome to the battle Comrade. Bolt action is an infantry game and you'll definitely need riflemen! I'm not a Soviet player (British infantry division here so basically the same based on historical employment) but I'd offer the following regardless of faction:

Build 1 man as an officer and 1 man to be his assistant. These guys can have any weapon for free. Equip with assault rifles, rifles, smgs in that order. These guys dont fight on the front line but could add some dice with a random pot shot or two.

When building infantry squads; give each squad a role. Try not to mix SMGs and LMGs (I'm focused on historical list building so all my squad leaders get SMGs). When assigning veterancy, consider the following: 10-12 men for inexperienced squads; 8-10 men for regular, and 6-8 for vets.

Soviets get a free inexperienced rifle squad so you should have 12 riflemen with molotov cocktails in every list possible!

Model 1 guy as a spotter for the mortar.

Consider buying a truck or transport to provide mobility to any SMG/short range squad you build.

Tanks are good but don't over invest. Medium tanks (Sherman, PzIV, Cromwell, T-34) are a nice addition for a 1000 point list.

Consider the following non-faction list (+free soviet squad):
Regular 2LT + aide (2)
Regular Infantry Squad (8): LMG
Regular Infantry Squad (8): LMG
Regular Infantry Squad (8): LMG
Veteran Infantry Squad (8): 4 SMG
Mortar + Spotter (1)
Anti Tank Gun
Transport (for vets)
Medium Tank (T34)
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Great advice! Thanks for the post. I'll definitely follow what you've set out there that's really helpful.

Made in fr
Storm Trooper with Maglight


-The soviets are very good at one thing, at least in a friendly enviroment: stacking bonuses.

If you put a commissar, a commander and a medic not to far away from a crucial squad, you're pretty sure that this particular point of the battlefield is in to stand fast. You can also blob like no tomorrow and have multiple squads beneft from it to form a quite resilient spearhead... Just be careful not to suffer to much from artillery strikes!

-Despite your army rule boosting artillery, take rather an air observer, it can more often than not turn to be a 75pts delete button.

-Look into some mg-fitted armoured car. In bolt action, with anti-tank weapons being relatively limited, and MG pouring way more reliable fire than a single cannon shot, plus the fact that they are way cheaper, makes them very interesting.

-If you field an mg equipped squad, mount them in a truck or play them as scouts to grant them upgraded flanking: either way they'll get more opportunities to close on your opponent.

That's all what comes to my mind. Good luck and much fun in this great game that is bolt action!

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