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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Having seen the information from The Greater Good, I have been contemplating a novel 2k list primarily spamming Missilesides.

The Coldstar is for advancing 40" and sniping supporting characters/TFC, etc. Aun'shi instead of standard Ethereal as already running it as Vior'la. Breachers to take advantage of the Pulse Onslaught/Hot-Blooded combo. The Custom Sept's Strike Teams have Support Turrets to take advantage of the Hardened Warheads Sept Tenet.


Battleforged +3 CP

Vior'la Battalion +5 CP

Coldstar "Shas'O Vir'Kott'O" w/ AFP*3/ATS (Supernova Launcher) (Through Boldness, Victory)


Breacher Team - 10 Breachers
w/ Guardian Drone/Shield Drone

Strike Team - 5 Warriors & ML

Strike Team - 5 Warriors

Custom Sept (Hardened Warheads, Stabilisation Systems) Battalion +5 CP -2CP

Commander - MP*3/ATS (Additional Signature System - PEN) (Promising Pupil - Through Unity, Devastation)
Cadre Fireblade

Strike Team - 5 Warriors/DS8+MP/ML
Strike Team - 5 Warriors/DS8+MP/ML
Strike Team - 5 Warriors/DS8+MP/ML

Broadside Team - 3 BS w/2*HYMP/2*SMS/SM/ATS
w/ MV8 MD/5*SD

Broadside Team - 3 BS w/2*HYMP/2*SMS/SM/ATS
w/ MV8 MD/5*SD

Broadside Team - 3 BS w/2*HYMP/2*SMS/SM/ATS
w/ MV8 MD/5*SD

1999 pts, 11 CP
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi mate,

Although it'd be a huge change, adding a Stormsurge with Annihilation Warheads could be a very interesting part-rebuild that fits this missile spam well. (Perhaps even several, if the Emergency Dispensation FAQ is kind!)

Excluding that, onto your list.

Your Custom Sept Battalion makes full use of the Tenets - exactly what I'd've suggested. As for the Broadsides, AP-2 SMS and -3 HYMP is pretty powerful. The Shield Drones should also circumvent the need for a Shield Gen.

I would, however, seriously consider changing one Broadside unit from 2x HYMP & 2x SMS to Heavy Rail Rifle & 2x SMS and then giving said unit the Prototype Weapon 'Magna Rail Rifle'. You've got nothing above S7 and this weapons slots perfectly with your buffs. This would also save you 75 Points (HRR is 25pts, 2x HYMP is 50pts).

As for your Vior'la Battalion

With Shas'O Vir'Kott'O, instead of the 2x AFP I'd take for the same points: Shield Generator & Burst Cannon or 2x Burst Cannons.

Aun'shi is a good upgrade over a standard Etheral and worth keeping.

Similarly, I like the Breacher plan, but having only one unit leaves them open to being killed until not enough remain to be helpful. This is what I'd do:

1999 Points total,
-75 from Broadside changes
-35 from losing the Vior'la Strike Team without a Markerlight.
1889 After change total.

Of this 111 extra, I'd spend 88 on getting a second 10-Man Breacher Team with a Shield & Guardian Drone.
The last 23 points I'd just put on 2 Shield Drones for the remaining Vior'la Strike Team.

Hopefully these changes refine the ideas you had in mind, without replacing them.
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