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Small Wyrm of Slaanesh

United States

I understand it can auto delete a unit if it gets to 1 but is there a way to roll against it without a FNP type rule? I think i saw someone mention Mystic Shield in some way but the description doesn't seem like it would affect COY

I play Gitz and in my friend and I playing our 1st game he made it to 1.
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Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

British Columbia

1s fail for Curse of Years. It also says continue until you fail to inflict a mortal wound so it seems you might be able to stop it with mortal wound negating abilities.

 Crimson Devil wrote:
That's what 7th edition is about. Yelling "Forge the Narrative Pussy!" while kicking your opponent in the dick.
 BlaxicanX wrote:
A young business man named Tom Kirby, who was a pupil of mine until he turned greedy, helped the capitalists hunt down and destroy the wargamers. He betrayed and murdered Games Workshop.

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Death-Dealing Ultramarine Devastator

It’s been re done so it can’t auto hit anymore. The warscroll for Arkhan in the Bonereapers Battletome altered it and as this is now is most recent warscroll it takes precedence. Think it’s this set of rules that are now on his profile on the GW website for his model if you take a look at that. Unless you have the Bonereapers book obviously.

Hope that helps

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