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Made in gb
Bounding Assault Marine

"I see shapes of Men and of horses, and pale banners like shreds of cloud, and spears like winter-thickets on a misty night. The Dead are following."

I played AoS when it first game out but ultimately dropped it in favour of sticking with 40K. I've decided to pick it up again and go with an army that I always wanted. It's not for competitive play but for fun casual play. The idea is to bring Heinrich Kemmler, Kell and his skeletal army of the barrow downs back into the mortal realms. I have picked up the following models, including the classic Lichemaster necromancer. After I have built and painted this lot I plan to expand it with more black knights, some spirit hosts and a zombie dragon.

So bearing in mind that this is going to be for casual friendly games, any thoughts on how to play it since I'm not all that familiar with how AoS plays yet?

++ **Pitched Battle** 1,000 (Death - Legions of Nagash) [990pts] ++

+ Leader +

Necromancer: 6. Soul Harvest, General (Master of the Dark Arts / Ring of Immortality).

+ Battalion +

Battalion: Deathmarch.
. Black Knights: 5 Black Knights, Hornblower, Standard Bearer
. Grave Guard: 10 Grave Guard, Hornblower, Standard Bearer, Wight Blade and Crypt Shield
. Skeleton Warriors: 2x 10 Skeleton Warriors, Ancient Blade, Hornblower, Standard Bearer
. Skeleton Warriors: 10 Skeleton Warriors, Ancient Blade, Hornblower, Standard Bearer
. Skeleton Warriors: 10 Skeleton Warriors, Ancient Blade, Hornblower, Standard Bearer
. Wight King with Black Axe

Allegiance: Allegiance: *Death*

Game Type: 1000 Points - Vanguard

++ Total: [990pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

Space Marines (Rift Wardens) - 4241pts. 
Made in gb
Hungry Ghoul

Just my two pence as i'm still relatively new to AoS as like you i played then it first came out, but only recently rejoined and loving it far more than 40k!

So at 1k points fitting in a battalion is a huge chunk of points i find. You maybe better off running as Legion of Nagash as well rather than generic death as it gives you better rules such as your gravesites and then tweaking your necro.

So taking LoN gives you access to better General abilities and artifacts that will help your never ending tide! First up is the Ossific Diadem artifact it gives you another deathless save on a 6+ in 12" of your necro which works along side the normal deathless minions save within 6"

I would take Lord of Nagashizzar personally on the necro as it gives you an extra attack on your deathrattle units. Or you could take master of Death that will allow you to reroll the D3 on your Deathly invocation.

If you drop the battalion, you can fit in a blob of 40 skeletons and a blob of 20.... or 2x30.... i prefer getting blobs of 40 if i can as you have to lose 10 models before you lose your bonus attacks. Ideally the blob of 20 would be chainrasps, but not sure if you have the models.

Then you can still take your black knights and GG, leaves you with 50 points which you can sink into an extra command point, or an endless spell.

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