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Crazed Troll Slayer

Charlotte, NC

A nice take on a home made chapter. One of these days, when i have all of my other armies up and running, I was planning on making a home-made chapter something similar to this. I am not sold on the colors yet but something similar to this scheme would be in the running. Keep at it.
Made in us
Committed Chaos Cult Marine

Woah, someone actually responded to this automated post.

But thanks. I mean it. I am really glad I went with a custom chapter as they really feel like my little contribution to the wider 40k universe with their own exploits and stories. It makes playing every game a little more special since I play a lot of the same opponents making it feel like we are all fighting in the same sub-sector each of our armies' story evolving from game to game.

It is also a funny thing. I constantly come across people that say that Primaris marines have no personality, but the Avenging Eagles have more personality that almost any other chapter/subfaction out there since their story is told on the tabletop. Well, mostly anyways. That Chaos warband with Dark Mechanics allies about my Librarian story was actually from playing a Space Wolf and Admech opponent where he did indeed face tanked them for 3 rounds.

The color was easy for me. It is the same one I use to paint U.S. WWII vehicles and rather like it.
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