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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Hello everyone, I am looking at resurrecting my Orks with a list ive always wanted to do, a DREAD WAAAAAAAGH! Simple ideas behind this list is to take advantage of what the Deathskullz have to offer with their rerolls and utilize the strats found in both Vigilus and the new PA (TBD). Let me know what you guys think as I am brand new to this kind of Ork list and thanks for your feedback!

Battalion and Spearhead


-Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
*w/ Supped up Shokka




-x3 Squads of x10 Gretchin


-x3 Deff Dreads
*w/ x2 Klaws, x1 Saw, x1 Kustom Mega Blasta

-x3 Deff Dreads
*w/ x2 Klaws, x1 Saw, x1 Kustom Mega Blasta

-x5 Killa Kans
*w/ Rokkit Launchas


*w/ KFF

*w/ KFF


-Spearhead will be the DREAD WAAAAAGH and list is pretty self explanatory. Morks provide KFF Coverage for Dreads as they waddle up the table while Kans give me some semi-reliable Missile Support.

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7th Krieg Armored Division: 5,000pts.
AoS Kharadron Overlords: 2,500pts. 
Made in us
Been Around the Block

Im a noob so my opinion isnt worth much but I like Ork armor so I think this army is cool!

I think i might change the Deff Dreads to a Klaw, a Saw, and two Mega Blasta's or a Klaw, two Saw's, and a Mega Blasta. this would give you extra points to work with and wont hurt your Dreads.

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