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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Battalion Detachment: Nurgle Daemons

HQs: Poxbringer, Sloppity Bilepiper
Troops: 2×3 Nurgling swarms, 1×4 Nurgling swarms

Super-Heavy Detachment: Chaos Knights

3x Knight Despoiler w/ Thermal cannon and Ironstorm pod

Supreme Command Detachment: Thousand Sons

Daemon Prince w/ Wings
Terminator Sorcerer w/ Familiar

Psyker Party:

The DP will be the warlord with the relic Arcane Focus and the Devastating Sorcery warlord trait via Cult of Magic. He'll take Infernal Gateway and Gaze of Fate, along with Arcane Blast. DP flies over the nurgling screen and dumps out MWs, gets brought back with Wartime from Ahriman or the Termie. Ahriman and the Termie mainly take buffs and debuffs like Doom Bolt or Death Hex. The termie can also take High Magister as an extra warlord trait for an additional +1 to cast.

The Knights:

The three knights aren't too complicated. Move up the field melting things, charge in and tippy-tap dance on the enemy with Titanic Feet until they die. The relic Helm of Warpsight will be a good contender here.

The Nurgle Daemons:

Nurglings are primarily to screen and infiltrate onto objectives. The two HQs can provide some minor buffs to them.

Thoughts? What might you do differently? I'm hoping that the nurglings are enough. If I need more, I could maybe take out two Ironstorm pods to instead have 4×3 Nurglings instead.

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