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Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

Every time I start looking to find a nice transport box for my minis I end up abandoning. There are way too much options plus I'm kinda stuck with online order so I can't have a look at the product before hand.

So I figured I might as well ask for help.

I should start by saying I have no interest in DIY for the subject and gladly spend a bit more for a ready to use solution.

My armies are (Primaris) Wolves and Orks for 40k and Skavens for WFB.
They are rather small ( for orks and skaven mind you) as for 40k I rarely go above 1000pts and the max would be 1500pt and I generally go kind of elite with the orks (2*30boyz + a few 10 guy squads is a maximum)
I'm in EuroZone and budget is not really a consideration as long as I can find a one fit all solution.

GW boxes if a bit expensive seem to have the nice feature to be able to transport pretty much anything. Sadly their video doesn't show the "Battle" model.
On the other hand, things like KR or battleFoam cases seem more practical, but I just lose myself on their website.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Heroic Senior Officer

Gone-to-ground in the craters of Coventry

First off, work out which models you need to pack into each case, or sets of cases. Are you willing to mix armies up, or keep them seperate?

If you have 30 Primaris Wolves, for instance, with 6 mounted and a Repulsor, break it down into how many troop trays you will need, and then the bigger models.
That tells you how big the case needs to be for that army. If you need to pad it out to fill a case, put it to one side and move on to the next army.

With KR (which I have, and know best), you get a cardboard case per army, and a bag to trasport that cardboard case in. It keeps storage down.
Or, you get a more expensive case, like the aluminium cases, and fill it with the same foam as the cardboard would use.

List one of your armies here, and we'll have a go.
List by base size, as that's how I work out which foam trays it needs. Bulky models fit fewer per tray, but the depth doesn't change.

Also, how are you carrying them? Backpack, slung or handle?
Some are expandable (my KR backpack carries 1 or 2 cardboard cases), some are not (like the aluminium cases).

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Eye of Terror

Honestly, I have a lot of transport cases. They all seemed perfect at the time, now I'm regretting some of the purchases. They are just stacked in a closet and don't make it easier to store new models.

Abaddon, for instance, lost some of the bits from his base when I put him in the latest GW Crusade case. I just don't have a good way to transport him or many of my other models, I end up tossing them in shoe boxes to bring to the FLGS.

Something to consider: get a low cost foam cutter and buy foam. Cut your own miniature trays from the foam. Assemble them with Liquid Nails, which is a great adhesive for this sort of thing. You can get canvas bags at just about any size for transport.

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Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Brookside Close

I use tabletop tyrant, for my cases and foam trays.

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 queen_annes_revenge wrote:
Straight out if the pot, bang it on. What else is there to know?

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Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

I wanna quickly vouch for the GW cases! I've got two - the middle(? bought it a long time ago) and the biggest (crusade?) and I've used both to transport minis halfway across the planet more than twice. One went by ship (6 month), the other went by airplane hold and both did a really fantastic job. In both instances, I transported some really fiddly minis, and in both cases, after very long journeys, while I had to re-attach one or two more vulnerable parts, on I think at most 2 minis, everything else, plastic, resin, metal, the lot - was completely unscathed.

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If money is no object and you have smaller forces, what about a crystal fortress case? Lets you admire as well.as store your stuff.

Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

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 Flinty wrote:
If money is no object and you have smaller forces, what about a crystal fortress case? Lets you admire as well.as store your stuff.

I second this.

Its the functionality of magnetized cases without the cheap appearance. They have also greatly reduced the space required to display my models.
Made in fr
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

Hey, thanks all for your hindsights.

Crystal fortress seems more adapted to storage than transport, which I am looking for plus most of their products seem out of stock, but it could be due to the pandemic I guess.

After reviewing the different brand you guys talked about, I most likely will go with Tyrant, if only because thir site is easy an clear I can understand the way their catalog works.

It was that or GW, but the lack compartment for accessories and shoulder strap bug me.

Again, thank you all. I'll keep you updated when I get arround with my order.
Made in gb
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Brookside Close

Thats why I went with tyrant, the customise option on the cases is a clear indicator of trays and left over space

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 queen_annes_revenge wrote:
Straight out if the pot, bang it on. What else is there to know?

Made in de
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Germany, Frankfurt area

I switched from foam to magnetized trays and never regretted it. I gt mine from https://www.army-box.de/

It's much more flexible than foam and just as safe. And it's much easier to pack/unpack it and a metal tray can be easily carried in 1 hand.

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Made in fi
Decrepit Dakkanaut

After going to magnets i'm all in for those. No bumps against anything during transport so paint safe. There's ready made solutions but didn'" see point paying 10x price for smaller capacity(seeing i need dozens boxes...) and dirt easy to tape metal sheet to box so went. But if money isn"t issue just get ready made boxes.

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The Last Chancer Who Survived

On moon miranda.

I too am in the market for a new case. Anyone have any suggestions for something that'll accommodate a Land Raider, a couple Dreadnoughts, two Dreadknights, and ~50 Terminator sized models?


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 Vaktathi wrote:
I too am in the market for a new case. Anyone have any suggestions for something that'll accommodate a Land Raider, a couple Dreadnoughts, two Dreadknights, and ~50 Terminator sized models?

I’ll put in the normal plug for KR.

I know they have a tray that’s a LR + 2x Dreads.

Not sure how big dreadknights are.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I went with Tabletop Tyrant, mainly because I could actually find what I wanted on their site. They're pretty much the same as KR in terms of what they offer so if you can use the KR site you're not exactly losing out on anything.
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka


If you get lost on the KR Multicase website their staff are more than happy to help out with a quick email. Their system isn't complicated but can take a little while to get your head around.

Work out what you think you need and shoot them an email with what you want to store in the case; they might have a few suggestions on how to better pack things.

Personally my problem with storage is the initial price hurdle of bag and foam and not thinking "Ohh I could buy so many models for that" or "oh I can get a big model for that". Not being all that active (and now with corona nothing is happening game wise) also doesn't help matters in getting hold of a good case.

I do wish/hope that KR might look at some magnetic case options in time. Their card case approach woudl actually work really well for allowing you to have some cases with magnetic trays for infantry and then have foam for more delicate models - eg my swarms of Khinerai I don't want on a magnetic tray with their long thin tail connection points. I'd far rather they were safe in foam so they don't wobble and bounce and bump each other/break/bump.

I think one big issue with cases is shifting out of hte mindset of carrying the "whole collection" and instead carrying "the whole army" with some additional space for some options. For some collections its easy to get a big case and carry most/all of it (eg Ossiarch Bonereapers); whilst with some other arimes (Eg tyranids) the huge range of models and different builds (swarm to nidizlla) can mean that its impossible to carry it all; or at least reaches a point where its simply impractical in the extreme.

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