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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

1 company commander he is warlord and carries a bolter.
1 psyker primaris
3 imperial gaurd 10 man with (missle, grenade) each
1 astropath
1 x (squad) 3 scout sentinals with heavy bolter and hunterkiller missle and chainsword

2 company commanders
3 imperial gaurd 10 man with (missle, grenade) each
1 master of ordinance
2 griffins / heavy bolter / heavy stubber / hunterkillermissle each
1 manticore / heavy bolter / heavy stubber / hunterkillermissle

It has the numbers to be a brigade, but only if you sacrifice having the 3 sentinals in one squad (thus allowing the reduced damage or first strike strats wider use.)

I know I shouldn't post so often, but I really miss this game, or just going out, or fresh produce, or any of the comforts of life before we started living in the Corona-Grimdark. 
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