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Made in us
Gnawing Giant Rat

I feel like I could do better progress keeping track of this project somewhere and since Warseer is gone and the other forum I go to is for sigmar I felt I could do this here.

The idea is to have two battalion detachments of craftworlds and dark Eldar trying to keep as close to the Soulbound Bladehost color scheme as I could. I also decided to use this as my collection project getting old models that I wanted when I was a kid (I.e. metal models). I love the weight of a box full of them and it makes me all warm and fuzzy. Even if it is a bunch of old wych models and random odd units I get from time to time. Most of this has been gotten for me randomly by my wife on her shopping outtings so beggers can’t be choosers. I’m lucky I get the right factions in the first place.

So far I have a metal Farseer I green stuffed titties onto, 5 converted “Corsairs” I made from random dark elf bits and some shard carbines from the scourge set. 10 of the newer scourges with tank hunting weapons, 10 plastic wyches and 20 of the old metal wyches. Some old beast master I’m considering making into a succubus, 5 dual wielding wraithblades, 5 plastic howling banshees
The dire avengers are something special as two of them are from some Eldar I bought in 2008 and traded to a friend a few years later. I never thought of them until he pulled them out one day and said here I don’t want this crap. After a set of the metal upgrade dire avengers and a set of 5 of the super old ones from the early 90’s I finally have enough troops to build a decent army.
Needless to say they kind of inspired me to do this after getting some random Eldar kits and it has just grown from there. Even reading all the background and novels I can find really has made this a passion project.

I’m trying to stick with the lore as close as possible so I’m going for a mech MSU type army where I can bring both major Eldar factions and then a patrol of harliequins with the three ynnari characters. I don’t intend on playing with this army just collect something I think is cool. I know they suck and it is a shame that is so but what can you so I have just given up on that like finding that last sword.

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Made in us
Gnawing Giant Rat

After some help I decided to paint this guy and now I’m motivated to finally get a unit of these guys like I wanted as a kid. I always wanted an army of them but I never got past orks or marines back then. Anyway after those pictures earlier and this I think I need to hunker down and paint through the rest of the old wyches.
Made in us
Gnawing Giant Rat

I painted the male Succubus today, sorry for the poor quality photo. He wasn’t hard almost exactly the same the other wyches. The only issue was the spear which broke off 3 different times while it was being painted. The face looks odd and the edges are bad as always but i can’t ask much from an unsteady hand. Hopefully I can convince my wife to let me buy some incubi and I can keep the Ynnari train rolling. Hopefully a new unit on the way will motivate me through 10 wyches.
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

Good luck on your army Gorthor21.

The trick with a steady hand is a combination of practice and the generous use of washes to help around the edges.



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Made in us
Gnawing Giant Rat

Thanks for the support CB I’m gonna try and the focus and get them cleaned up once I get around to basing them. Sometimes my carpal tunnel or hairline fractures flare up and make painting difficult but I try when I can. Sucks this is my hobby with my hands like this lol.
I got the 9 incubi I needed for a steal on eBay so the reborn should be growing soon.
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