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Been Around the Block

Since I can't play any games at the moment, I've started diversifying my channel's content a bit, and my latest video is a short rundown of my picks for the 'top 10' stratagems in 40k:


Please comment on the video with any feedback or further suggestions
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Scheming Archon

Between the sacred silence and sleep.

The concept sounded interesting, but, no offense, I can't stand text-to-speech in videos.

2500 Kabal of the Ebon Claw

"Death is only a concern if you're both weak enough to be killed and dumb enough not to arrange your own resurrection." PM713
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Been Around the Block

That's ok, none taken
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Yeah, if it's not an actual human being speaking and the visuals aren't really that important why is it even a video in the first place? I Think you either need to inject some personality into this via actual speech or just write an article instead.
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Committed Chaos Cult Marine

The dark hollows of Kentucky

You mention the 2cp descent of angels but not the 1cp Raptor Strike that does the exact same thing? And no Vox Scream? Not a csm player I take it.
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Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

Slipspace wrote:
I Think you either need to inject some personality into this via actual speech or just write an article instead.
Have you watched his Batreps? The voice is the personality. Mild sense of frustration and cynicism. Works very well.

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Steadfast Ultramarine Sergeant

I think the top strategems generally falls in the following categories

1. The deny opponent's stratagem
2. The enemy suffer -1 to hit stratagems
3. Plus 1 to hit or to wound strategem
4. reroll to wound stratagem.
5. limit enemy wounding roll stratagem.
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