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Happy Imperial Citizen

Hello, not sure if this is the right place for this. I am having trouble crafting a 1000 point list for a fluffy Night Lords army. I will clarify now, I am not super into competitive gaming, I just want to fill out the points to get started. I would like my troops to be 3 squads of CSM and I would like to include a squad of five terminators, a squad of five raptors, and a hellforged contemptor dread (because the FW model is dope). I am stuck on filling out the HQ slots, and filling any holes the army may have. Any advice or sample lists would be appreciated, as I have been playing with battlescribe for the past two days and can't really come to something I like. Also, I would like to try and stay away from Daemon princes, and marks of chaos, if possible (yes, I know, I am hamstringing myself by doing so, but oh well) Thank you in advance.
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Implacable Skitarii

Washington, DC

I may not be fully versed in CSM, but I have 1,000 points of Night Lords geared fluffily, so I feel sympathy.

You haven't left the crowd much to work with, but you have more tradespace than you and most may realize.

Including 3x CSM squads, a terminator squad, a raptor squad, and a baseline two-fist Contemptor leaves you at 492 points. You have *half* your points to play with, and you've already filled troop slots and given yourself some board options.

Top-level choices:
- How do I want this list to *feel*? Am I aggressive? Am I cagey?
- How do I want the pieces of this list to work together? Should they deathball, or work independently?

Next Level:
Battalion or Vanguard?
Host Raptorial, or nah?

Night Lords can be CP hungry, particularly with Host Raptorial. A Jumo Lord with Claws of the Black Hunt is pretty fluffy and makes a good Field Commander or even warlord. Him, plus you're two deepstriking units, leave you with max 200 pointsish of additional deepstrike before you hit you cap. A second unit of raptors would be fluffy and bank on your stratagems and specialist detachment. Trading one for a set of Warp Talons is even better. I don't know how well Night Lord or Host Raptorial stratagems work on terminators; they may just be a dope ass unit doing it's own thing.

So, now:
Second HQ?
How will you use troops?
Is the Contemptor the only thing on the board worth shooting anti-tank at?

The second HQ may be the last thing to fill based on how the rest of the list shapes: Lord for shooting support, Champion or Apostle for melee, Sorcerer for mobility.

Keep the troops cheap. I might give each Champion a combibolter and chainaxe for cool factor, but you might be hiding these guys to keep them alive on objectives.

A Contemptor with a claw and butcher cannon seems a nice balance and forces the adversary to deal with it (particularly in T2 when deep strikes arrive). But in T1, it's the only armored target. Do you want to double up with another, in the same role or maybe with dual twin-lascannons trying to hang in cover st range?

You could roll with everything mentioned in a 1,000 points, depending on what you want to do.

Kill Team 
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Prophetic Blood Angel Librarian


You can never go wrong with a (JP) sorcerer with warptime and prescience.
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