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Squishy Oil Squig

Usually Carpe Noctem

My go at a semi-fluffy BT list:

1000pts, 7CP Battalion

Captain in Cataphractii Armour - 108pts
- Warlord (Frontline Commander)
- Power sword (Sword of Judgement)

Chaplain Dreadnought - 143pts
- Hero of the Chapter (Epitome of Piety)
- Heavy Plasma Cannon, Dreadnought CCW (Storm Bolter)
- Litany of Hate, Litany of Divine Protection

5 Intercessors - 99pts
- Auto Bolt Rifles
- Power Fist

5 Intercessors - 99pts
- Auto Bolt Rifles
- Power Fist

5 Intercessors - 99pts
- Auto Bolt Rifles
- Power Fist

5 Intercessors - 99pts
- Auto Bolt Rifles
- Power Fist

5 Cataphractii Terminators - 173pts
- Sergeant: Power Fist, Combi-bolter, Grenade Harness
- 4x Terminators: Lightning Claw, Combi-bolter

Relic Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer - 180pts

Idea for the list is pretty simple, the Venator wipes out enemy armour/monsters, the Intercessors move forward (probably advance turn 1) to lay down a storm of bolter fire mid-board, accompanied by the Chaplain Dreadnought (which if screened cannot be shot at).

Warlord and termies deep strike and ensure a charge direct from deep strike, and from then on throw themselves into the thick of it.

Any thoughts?

Chuck Norris can roll a 7 on D6. 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Your Terminators are going to be awfully pillow-fisted. They struggle to do any real damage with Power Fists and the LCs are even worse. I use them a lot with White Scars because WS have a pretty good toolkit for delivering charges out of DS as well, and the Termies disappoint me fairly frequently.

I'm also trying to decide if the Venator is a good pick or not, it's a nastly gun but it's going to take every AT shot on the board. If I were putting together a list with similar intentions I might drop the Venator for a second Chappy Dread with Lascannons, and see if swapping the Termie Captain for a Jump Pack Captain wouldn't clear up the 13 points to upgrade the first Chappy Dread to Lascannons as well.

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