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I have been thinking about creating a set of modular infantry and vehicles to be usable in the hobby (as a long term thing, not right away), which would be based on a sci-fi story I have written but would be usable in 40k as the likes of AM, R&H...

With that in mind, I was wondering if anyone in the forum would know about companies that provide the service of creating custom molds for Hard Plastic or Resin kits, as for a start I would likely have all production done by a 3rd party, rather than investing on the needed machinery locally (which would be very difficult, unless my family suddenly becomes rich ).
Likely with resin for a start due to lower setup costs and plastic as something even further long term.

I would be mostly interested in EU friendly companies, but feel free to leave any suggestions you know of worldwide.

Currently I am checking mostly what is available, so a decision can be made.
I have already been looking at 3d printers for things like quick prototypes and things like shapeways as an initial platform for miniature production/selling and also initial engagement with customers/feedback.
I am mostly just doing research for now, so feel free to provide any information you might have on this topic.

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For HIPS - Wargames Factory, Renedra and Wargames Atlantic.
For Resin - Anvil industries (possibly, they used to but think they got too busy), Brother Vinni, Hysterical Games, Zealot minis, Miniaturas Alemany and Fortress minis.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
I had already looked into Renedra and Wargames Atlantic for HIPS.
Anvil seems to be rather busy, they still state they can produce custom kits, if they have the production capability, but that doesn't seem to happen often.
I couldn't find the website for Fortress minis and Hysterical Games seem to have no website or facebook page anymore (both are gone essentially).

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Have you talked to KenofYork from Proxie Models?

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Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for the suggestion, certainly worth checking

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Prodos/Archaon also do 3rd party HIPS

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Hysterical games no longer exists. The owner now works in the LotR studio at GW. I believe Footsore might now do resin casting and mould-making for other people. Vince, the caster from Hysterical went to work for them.

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