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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

3 command
tempest prime with plasma pistol
lord commisar with bolt pistol and powersword (relic bolt pistol from free relic for army .. sniper capable 12 inch range, pist3 4/-1/2.)
free slot commander : inquisition!
inquisitor malleus with combiplasma rifle (-1 cp to upgrade) (very, very likely he gets a spell that lets him snipe called psychic pursuit, and castigate)
6 troop
4 cadian missle, grenade, bolter squads
2 scion plasma, plasma, plasma pistol and powersword squads
fast attackers
3 scout sentinals (in a squad) with 3 missle launcher and 3 hk missles and 3 sentinal chainswords
1 ogryn bodygaurd (deathmasque of oleanus) (-1 cp) (slabshield and maul and bullygryn plate armor
1 orgyn bodygaurd (slabshield and maul and bullygryn plate armor)
3 astropaths
1 ministorium priest with poweraxe (index)
gottfred de montbard
12 crusaders (2 x 6 man squad)

heavy support
3 basilisks (squad) each with earthshaker main gun and heavy bolter and heavy stubber
3 lrbt (squad) each with battle cannon and heavy bolter and heavy stubber
2 griffin mortar carrier each with griffin mortar carrier mortar and heavy bolter and heavy stubber

If my maths are solid, that's a quick 2k.
12 cp + 2 cp (creed)
-1 cp inquisitor upgrade
-1 cp extra relic
-1 cp wrath of emperor artillery column
-1 cp to tank ace one of the basilisks (its actually sort of nice to doubletap max damage with full rerolls, on such a thing)
So starts with a tepid 10 cp, or, if you make the tempest prime your warlord with old grudges on him (I think that's probably a better choice) with 8 cp.
1 of those cp is pre-allocated to a first strike by the 3 scout sentinals, and 1 of those cp is probably going (each round) to fuel a full numeric shot by one or another of the 3 leman russ tanks.
2 of those cp are likely to be spent making the basilisk fire twice, and 2 of them on the second round for a different basilisk, too.

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
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