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Made in us
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Adepta Sororitas List: (6 command pts)

1. HQ:
Canoness 45pts
Condemor Boltgun 1pts
Power Sword 4pts
Rod of Office 5pts
Grenades 0pts

Celestian Squad (5) =50pts
Grenades 0pts
bolt pistol/gun 0pts
stormbolter (2) 4pts
Simulacrum Imperialis 5pts
Incensor Cherub 5pts
2.1 64pts
2.2 + Celestian 10pts =74pts

3. Fast Attack:
Seraphim Squad (5) 55pts
Grenades/Bolt pistols 0pts
Inferno Pistol (2) 14pts
Plasma Pistol (Superior) 5pts
3.1 74pts
3.2 74pts

Retributers (5) 50pts
Bolt Pistol/Gun/Grenades 0pts
Heavy Flamer (2) 28pts
Multi Melta (2) 44pts
Superior Simulacrum Imperialis 5pts
Armorium Cherubs (2) 10pts

4.2 Mortifier 36pts
Heavy Bolter (2) 20pts
Flails )pts
4.3 56pts

5. Transport:
Immolator 70pts
Immolation Flamers 30pts
Heavy Bolter 10pts
Hunter Killer Missile 6pts
Total: 844 pts.

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