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Made in us
Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

Livermore, Ca

Making a list for a friendly game (ok you got me, its friendly competitive game)


Eldrad (Main Warlord), Executioner, Doom, Guide, undecided on the last power
Warlock (Quicken)

20 Guardians 1 Starcannon platform, 1 Brightlance platform
8 Storm Guardians w/ 2 x Fusion Pistols
10 Guardians 1 Starcannon platform

10 Banshees, Exarch with Executioner
1 Wave Serpent, Twinlinked Shuriken Cannon + Underslung Shuriken Cannon

10 Dark Reapers, Exarch w/ Fast Shot
1 Wave Serpent, Twinlinked Starcannon (This one is just to protect the reapers on turn 1)


Wraithseer, Starcannon, Mark of the Incomparable Hunter
Spirit Seer (ran out of points otherwise probably would have chosen an autarch to give everyone reroll 1s)

3 x Vibrocannon
3 x Vibrocannon

Wraithlord - ELM & Starcannon
Wraithlord - ELM & Starcannon
Wraithlord - Brightlance & Starcannon


Thats about as far as I got on the list. I own the models, I'm painting them as we speak. My meta is heavy on the vehicles/monsters. I'm worried if I have a mirror match. My opponent won't have wraithlords, but will have flyers, masterful shot/cover/alatioc (army wide -1). I'm not entirely sure if I'm set up for that.
Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

If your Wraithseer has the Warlord trait, that model is Th are Warlord (your comment next to Eldrad is a little confusing to me).

20 Guardians will generally be moving, so be cognizant about keeping a couple Guardians stationary for fire the Starcannon and Brightlance. They are not my ideal choice in a 20 strong unit, but at least try to maximize what you've got, especially with the Black Guardian stratagem.

Storm Guardians have Fusion Guns, not Pistols. Likely a typo, but a fairly important distinction game wise.

The Wraithseer can be targeted due to having over 10 wounds. Giving that model the Phoenix Gem may be worth looking into. That model seems to become a priority target when I use it.

You could utilize Will of Asuryan for Eldrad's final power. Cast it first as it has a low WC, to get the bonus for your other powers. If countering out your Guardians, the weapon platforms can be utilized to stay within the fearless range as they have much longer ranges for shooting than the Shuriken Catapult.

Good luck and let usm know how it fairs.

Whoah....I have played 40K for over 30 years.  
Made in gb
Deadly Dire Avenger


Id consider running shuriken cannons on at least one of your guardian squads, the mobility you gain from advancing is not to be sniffed at, and while other factions can out shoot us, out tank us, or beat us in melee, few have our mobility. Snagging objectives and firing on the run is an asset you lose with your heavy weapon platforms. Between your vibros and reapers you don't lack anti tank.

On the subject of the vibros, you could run your spearhead as crafters/shots. Yes it's overused, but it's really that strong, as you get it on every vibro cannon even if they're taken as a squad of three.

What is your plan for quicken? You may be better with protect as it looks like the key to success is keeping your reapers alive for four turns, so protect + fire and fade will be crucial.You have Your serpent for banshees so they'll get across the board quick enough.

You mentioned a potential autarch, I'd consider dropping down some of your heavy weapon platforms/ serpent heavy weapons to shuriken cannons, then pick up a foot autarch for the spearhead/reapers. I could be mistaken but I think his reroll bubble is craftworld specific, so you'd have to choose between the reapers or the spearhead if you did choose to go custom craftworlds, which I think is probably the way to go.

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Made in gb
World-Weary Pathfinder

Oxfordshire , UK

Looks good, though if you’re making a list for 9th I’d give star cannons to vehicles as they won’t be getting the minus from moving from shooting and can fire in combat (except with blast weapons).

Star cannons would be good on Wraithlords as they find them selves in combat. Maybe blast weapons for units further away from combat.

Line of sight ignoring weapons will be big in 9th so consider distort cannons or Night Spinners.

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