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Made in ca
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

Dis a thread about me an my boyz.

The Orks have a special place in my heart. They are a faction with character, and inspirational lore. For me at least, their nature inspires stress free and rewarding painting.

These red Orks are the first I had ever painted, my first Ork ever is there holding the chainsword.

Following those boyz I painted up a couple of Bad Moon Orks (as the yellow is a sharp look). I got lucky and started my Ork project when Sanctus Reach was just coming out and scored myself a copy of Grukk Face Rippa.

I finished painting a battlewagon, which also substitutes for a Trukk as required, and my Orks experienced a hiatus. Trying to determine which sub faction to paint "your dudes" can create mental turmoil. Eventually I just accepted part of the reason I enjoyed orks was not to overthink these things, which is, incidentally, a very Orky way to go about things.

"For an Ork, the universe is an incredibly straightforward place, free of the angst and worry that plagues most other races. So long as the average Ork has someone to fight, someone bigger than him to tell him who to kill next, and someone smaller than him to beat up, he will know contentment." - Codex Orks 2014

So, Ere we go!

I play copious amounts of Dawn of War 2, which captured the flavour of 40k in my opinion. From there I was inspired to replicate the Nob upgrade for the Shoota Boyz squad. I learned how to make a basic mold and created a plastic version of the "twin-barrelled shoota" that the designers used for the Shoota Nob's weapon.

I thoroughly enjoy the shenanigans involved with the Shokk attack gun, so I build up a Big Mek and a runtherd to bubble wrap him, (and for him to use as ammo). The metal Kommando models (specifically the power claw nob) are some of my favourite 40 models of all time. Naturally, they needed to be in my collection.

Killa Kans are another staple Ork unit which are too entertaining to pass up. I don't expect it them to do much more than be something enjoyable for my opponent to blow up that isn't infantry. I've completed this little guy to tabletop standard, there is another layer, highlights, battle damage and markings to add, but I would like to get everything white painted first.

Finally, a shot of the current progress. As it sits, the Kommandos have been slotted to fill out numbers for an Ork Boyz squad to accompany the Warboss until I've caught up with painting everything you see here. I'm sure they are indifferent about not sneakin about before getting stuck in. What you see here represents 600 points of a playable warband that I hope to match against an opponent in the near future.

I would like to take this opportunity to shout out to Meade for his Black Legion blog and Iron-Daemon Forge (formerly Insane Psychopath) for his Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company Blog over at thebolterandchainsword. Blogs like these are truly inspirational and a pleasure to read.

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2000pts +2 Power!
600 pts 
Made in us
Hollerin' Herda with Squighound Pack

Nice work on the red orks and the battle wagon. Like yourself I also like to add multiple clans to my Ork army. It helps to add creativity to your force good luck with making your waaagh grow.

Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Yeah, you should paint your orks however you dang please! Yours are looking good of course, yellow is always a fun color to see done on orks

realism is a lie
Made in ca
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

Progress update on the Shoota Nob

2000pts +2 Power!
600 pts 
Made in ca
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

Boss Snikrot to TTS. Inspired by Splinter Cell

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2000pts +2 Power!
600 pts 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

Now did iz a proppa blog right 'ere!

Make sure you play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory music as Snikrot is sneekin' through da deep covva!

Made in ca
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

haha will do cosmic!

Progress update on the Kommandos.

2000pts +2 Power!
600 pts 
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