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It looks like, from the new "Actions" teaser, that we can infer some new rules interactions.

A new keyword is mentioned: AIRCRAFT

We know that units that can FLY can't shoot after being hit in close combat, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the same rule applies to AIRCRAFT, which are presumably VEHICLES that can FLY and also have the keyword AIRCRAFT. Probably the "can't shoot after leaving combat" thing is designed to impact land speeders, assault troops, and the like - units which actually do get into close combat sometimes but have the keyword FLY so that they can be targetted by anti-aircraft weapons like the Hunter or Stalker.

I'm guessing AIRCRAFT can be in base-to-base contact one turn and still fire the next, but units that have FLY and not AIRCRAFT keywords cannot.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

They already said Aircraft is a keyword (been known for a bit) and Aircraft can move out of engagement and still shoot.

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