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New player for 40k! Blessings from the grandfather of pestilence!! Help with first 40k army :D  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in es
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all! Im new to the hobby and i have started with the death guard faction, wich is awesome, blessing from the grandfather for all! ;D

I have this miniatures, but i can spand it a bit more, so you tell me:

++ Unbound Army (Faction) (Chaos - Death Guard) [63 PL, 933pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Plague Company

+ HQ +

Lord of Contagion [7 PL, 112pts]: Manreaper

Malignant Plaguecaster [6 PL, 95pts]

Typhus [9 PL, 155pts]: Warlord

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists [6 PL, 80pts]

. 19x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun: 19x Autogun

. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 96pts]

. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife

. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun: 5x Blight Grenades, 5x Boltgun, 5x Krak Grenades, 5x Plague knife

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 100pts]

. 20x Poxwalker: 20x Improvised weapon

+ Elites +

Helbrute [7 PL, 102pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta

Noxious Blightbringer [4 PL, 55pts]: Plasma pistol, The Suppurating Plate

+ Fast Attack +

Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 138pts]: 2x Plaguespitters, Plague probe

++ Total: [63 PL, 933pts] ++

All of the points are from 8th, i dont havethe new points from 9th sorry

I can add a few things i have watched to buy:

-Daemon prince from FW pretty sick

-20 more poxwalkers

-15 more plague marines (old editions)

-Another hellbrute

-3 more floated drone

-3 decimators

-Some heroes like biologus or some chaos lord in terminator armour

-Lord felthius and cohort

And that´s it, i will gladly hear your opinions on what is the best way to expand my army!

PD: Only choose 2 things from above, im not rich haha!
Made in dk
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Hey man, nice start on the army.

Consider the rule of three, especially regarding the drones. GW have brought the Ro3 into the "mainstream", so you probably won't be able to field more than that. Of course, if you don't magnetize them, you could just equip them differently and have a little choice…

Otherwise your choices look good. Have you considered building your own daemon princes?

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