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Made in us
Courageous Space Marine Captain


With the pandemic on and the Olympics off, we need to find our own inspiring achievers to celebrate. I propose we entertain ourselves by looking at current Kickstarters, inventing some kind of award, and then figuring out who wins what medal. Think of it like those Marble Run videos, but instead of cheap marbles we cheer on the rewards we’ve paid for years ago.

Here are some competitions I suggest:

Longest marathon: Kingdom Death is the favorite, but Flying Frog has some real momentum. They both better watch out for the hungry young contender, Last Sword.

Least relevant update: I don’t see how anyone can beat this season’s favorite, Kingdom Death. Japanese Curry is indeed delicious.

The Rocky Award for feel good endings: The Faun Project. Years ago, he was a nobody with one idea, one purpose. No one thought he could do it. No one expected him to succeed. He stepped out into the ring, and we cheered him on. And to all of our great surprise, he delivered like a champion. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

What competitions do you want to see? Which campaigns are you rooting for? And which are you jeering ?


The campaign must be active, although campaigns that ended this year qualify.
No betting (unless it’s under the table and you cut me in).

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Made in us
Courageous Questing Knight

Central Cimmeria

I'm currently cheering/jeering Solomon Kane by Mythic. I backed it, unbacked it, and then fell for it in the pledge manager.

In the two years since the game funded the whole structure of the game has been reworked multiple times (allegedly) cards have been changed to booklets, whole new mechanics have been added, etc. Just this month we finally saw the very first physical components (3 miniatures) from the factory.

The base game (no expansions) will allegedly be delivered by the end of the year.

What started out as an interesting concept has since morphed into an exercise in " we really need/want a game with a DM but those are unpopular these days... So let's try to create a cardboard one!"

I suspect the game will either be a titanic achievement with copies sold for high prices on eBay, or a steaming turd of shame. Either way, it should have really nice miniatures.
Made in us
VF-1S Valkyrie Squadron Commander


Rampart & Dungeons and Lasers from Archon Studios for me (these KS's got me to return to the platform after the awful debacle of Robotech/AVP [the latter I was lucky enough to avoid, waiting until retail]).

I would like to nominate them as "Comeback King" from the awful company that spawned them - Prodos. Archon so far have proven themselves so far to be far better than their forebearers.

It never ends well 
Made in au
Making Stuff

Under the couch

The good people behind Super Dungeon Explore : Legends are prime contenders in the Snatch and... Snatch Some More event, after running successive Kickstarters each to attempt to pay for the shortfall in the previous campaigns, completely running out of money, and then having the brilliant idea of asking backers to buy more, completely unrelated miniatures if they ever want the game they actually paid for to see the light of day.

Made in us
Courageous Space Marine Captain


If you want to see one of the hardest-luck stories on Kickstarter, check out the latest update from Golden Age Starships. It’s pretty much a country song.

Made in gb
Yu Jing Martial Arts Ninja

The Lakes

Although it is an RPG rather than tabletop, the Infinity RPG from Modiphius is just shy of 5 years old, still waiting for 3rd and final wave.

182 updates, so they have kept us up to date at least. The books delivered so far have all been lovely, the other gubbins generally a bit less so.

Regardless, my name is in the rulebook, with the special exclusive knowledge that only several thousand others are in there too, so a special place in my heart, even if I cark it of old age before the final wave

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