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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Finally updating my BA after 10+ years.

Picked up two sets of Indomitus Primaris and added in a few of the old BA staples, hence why it's probably not super optimised.

Indomitus Captain
Indomitus LT
Sang Priest w/ JP

Bladeguard Ancient
Bladeguard x3
Bladeguard x3
Sanguinary Ancient w/ DM, IP, ES.

Assault Intercessors X10
Assault Intercessors X10
Scouts x5 (SR/CC)

Outriders x3
Outriders x3

Eradicators x3
Eradicators x3
Quad Las Predator w/ hkm


The idea is get onto at least two objectives with ass intercessors/Judicar on one and bladeguard/other judicar on the other with scouts at the backfield. Sang Priest backs up the intercessors (for str 5) and bladeguard Ancient backs up the bladeguard (+1 to hit).

Other characters/units reinforce whichever objective the opponent chooses to attack (sang Priest/ancient both have jp, so can jump to the other objective as necessary).

Judicars use their tempormortis on any units of chargers.

Eradicators might get sent to outflank, depending on the match-up.

Outriders harass and will attempt to steal the opponent's objectives.

Quad Las Predator is there to provide a target so that the eradicators get left alone.

Not sure on relics - standard of sacrifice on the sang ancient and Veritas vitae on the sang Priest, but not sure if putting quake bolts on the captain is worthwhile (18" range on his hvy bolt pistol).

Warlord traits - Artisan of war on the captain's MC power sword seems worthwhile and spend a CP to put selfless valour on the sang ancient?

The idea behind this is an old one I have always liked - Counterassault - you let them come to you and let them charge you, your judicars make their nastiest units fight last and then you countercharge with your characters, etc.

What do you think?

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