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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Hello everyone, decided to go a different route instead of Marines and that is to reconstruct my Ork Army. I had an awesome one until medical bills came into play so I want to rebuild it bigger, better and Meaner!! As my Krieg are naturally very shooty I want this one to be as CC oriented as possible. This is my very 1st attempt at making a Goff list with Ghaz so any and all help is very much needed and appreciated. Thanks guys!





-x4 Squads of 10 Slugga Boys
*w/ Big Choppa, Tankbusta Bomb


-x5 Meganobz
*w/ Dual Killsaws


-x1 Battlewagon *Meganobz+Makari Here*
*w/ Deff Rolla, Killkannon, Grot Riggers Kustom Job: Forktress

-x1 Gunwagon
*w/ Killlannon, Kustom Job: Da Boomer

-x1 Gunwagon
*w/ Zzap Gun, Kustom Job: Zagzap


-x2 Burna Bombers


-x4 Trukks


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7th Krieg Armored Division: 5,000pts.
Goff Waaaaagh! 2,500pts. 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

They put out an FAQ for saga of the beast today. Couple buffs to ghaz and Makari there.

However, the faq for some reason requires you to take a Mekboy workshop fortification to use any Kustom job Stratagems now.

**EDIT looks like they may be walking this back as an error, carry on**

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