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Been Around the Block

What is the chances we get a skorpek destroyer multipart kit. They are by far the best of the new necrons and the skorpek lord isn't in any of the starter sets so surely that would need a separate release. But I think we need a muktipart skorpek kit. They are a great concept but with just three easy fit monopose figures it's going to be hard to build a skorpek army which I think is a real missed opportunity. They have a strong enough design and concept to be an army of their own but 4 single pose models wont be enough to make an army.
Made in fi
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Well will be hard to make army anyway as max you can get is 3 squads. Even if squad size doubles you are looking at 1110 with 3 lords.

Anyway odds are good but when is another thing. And odds are at most 3 more pose. Gw is monopose these days.

(posslble solo release is just these on their own also)

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I think with the popularity of the Indomitus box that it's a given we'll at least get the skorpek destroyers - though I doubt they'll be multipart. The ETB models are already delicate, making it a multipart would be silly hard to build.

I think we'll see the lord in a SC box, but unlikely it will be an individual model for sale.

My guess is we'll see them around December.

It never ends well 
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Discriminating Deathmark Assassin

Best in what way? You should be able to get Necrons on eBay, the Marines will be more popular because of Eradicators I think.
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