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Recently I've come across a few games that surprised me with how much I liked them. I decided to put up this thread to see if this happens to other people and if so they'd recommend theese surprises. Currently the game market is a bit flooded and a lot flows under the radar. I'll start with one and hope other people will contribute with games that surprised them with how good they where.

This I had never heard about before I played it. It's a first person painting game. The game drops you in a very pretty world full of fable animals and gives you the ability to paint things. Two resources are required to paint something, a canvas and inspiration. Canvases are made by finding wood and cloth scattered in the world. Inspiration is gained by finishing quests, exploring new places, reading books and generally trying new things. drinking a tea can provide inspiration the first time you drink it, for example. You need to be carefull not to waste your inspiration and you canvases. The painting itself is pretty much just a stylish picture of something in the game. Very early I found a character that was sad about a shipwreck. I went to paint the ship and the character was very happy to have the scene in painting as a memory, without her giving me a quest to do so. This gave me some in game currency as a reward, and set the tone for how I needed to approach the game. Most of the game is quests of people asking you to paint specific objects or too look for certain rare things to paint for them. It's quite simple and has a childrens fairytale vibe to it. I don't want to call it a walking simulator because I feel like it's really not. I played through the enitire thing and was left thinking it'd been a while since I enjoyed a game so much. I'll end with a screenshot of the game where the painting mechanic is included.


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That's a good idea for a thread.

If' d give such a hidden gem , i'd say Verdun.
It is a WW1 shooter, surprise, and not to everyones liking because it is damn hard, but, if you gotten into it it offers a surprising ammount of content, great teamplay and in general alot of charachter for a small price

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There's a lot of stuff out there that can fall into guilty pleasure, hidden gem or under the radar territory.

On my mind right now is Brigador, a isometric mecha-game that was dead on arrival due to not being the game it advertised to be. The following review pretty much nails it for me:

TLDW: Rich lore, great soundtrack, awesome graphics and giving off some great Raptor vibes; Everything can be destroyed and every thing that you destroy nets you cash, which you can spend on more mechs, pilots, missions or lore.

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There's a game I had never heard about before that was just released to Steam 1-2 months ago and now it's in my top 10 games of all time: Persona 4 Golden.
I'm a PC gamer, first and foremost. 98% of my lifetime gaming has been on PC, with the remaining 2% on Nintendo platforms. I had never heard of the Persona series, although I had known of the developer, Atlus. About two months ago, headlines on various gaming sites announced the surprise release of P4G for Steam. The headlines mentioned how it was one of the best PS2 games ever, and that it's the only reason people still own a PS Vita today. I noticed the Steam reviews were "Overwhelmingly Positive" and thought, for $20, I'll try it. I don't watch anime and I don't really play many JRPGs, but I absolutely adore this game and I'm on my second playthrough.

In closing, Yukiko is best girl.

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