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Longtime Dakkanaut

Are most TO's planning to utilize the 9th edition GT missions or stay with their old systems?

I think this mission pack is the best GW have put out ever, so it's probably worth a try. The current missions definitely favor fast Obsec units that are either durable or high in model count, however with the changes to coherency and moral, along with the points increases on infantry units I think it going to be fairly balanced.

I'd love to see these missions given a try on a large scale at least up until the new year rolls around. I haven't seen any changes to the ITC mission pack yet or heard from any other major tournaments as to how they plan on going forth with 9th edition yet so im curious into anyones insight.

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Fixture of Dakka

The better question at the moment should really be "when is it reasonable for a tournament to run, and what health precautions should it be taking?"

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Well i live in louisiana and work at a casino. I've been back at work since may and while the covid 19 threat is real, i've had to deal face to face with customers for months already.

As long as everyone wears masks and frequently sanitize's their hands there are no issues. This coming from me, who has been dealing cards to guests for a few months while they sit about 3 feet away from me.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Living in an area where the casinos are still closed, I think the majority answer is still going to be "What tournament?" when you ask about tournaments.

If you live in an area where the casinos are open, that's just a testament to how strongly fools and their money want to be separated. That urge isn't quite as strong when you're only dealing with a $30 event registration for eight hours of gaming. Especially if a lot of the potential attendees would be traveling long distances to attend. (GenCon, Adepitcon, or pretty much any large regional tournament).

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