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Decrepit Dakkanaut


So I came across this store today and was curious in what its all about


Their prices are split into two kinds, regular and member. Regular are pretty standard prices you'd see anywhere, the "member" prices are significantly reduced. Eg a Tyranid Getting Started set is £60 regular, but only £40 for a member.


Memberships seem to last a month and are currently listed at £10 though they make frequent mentions that the price can go up, with warning. There's also an £800 spending cap per month.

It "seems too good to be true", especially as it seems you can start and stop your membership whenever you want. Are they purely banking on a lot of people jumping on board, getting annual memberships and then just not cancelling even on months when they don't spend anything? Or is it a sleeping tiger and one day memberships leap up to £40.

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Battlefield Professional

Nottingham, England

Most gw new releases can be preordered a 22-25% off on launch weekend, so unless someone routinely spends £180 a month this is a better sounding deal than it is. It's ran by The Outpost , Glasshammer gaming do similar, I've not known anyone actually use it from my gaming circle.
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Killer Klaivex

Given that I can usually buy at 20% discount from another retailer with no commitment, I'd need to be saving more than the value of the membership (£10) for it to be worthwhile. Assuming that I can get a 30% discount using their program, I'd therefore need to be spending at least £100 a month (or £1200 a year) in Games Workshop product just to break even. So not for the odd kit type of buyer.

That being said, if you can get a club to have a joint membership under one person's name? Several people regularly buying through it would easily make it worthwhile. They say this isn't permitted in the T&C's, but there's really absolutely nothing stopping it.

If you're planning on buying a few Knights or something else expensive, membership would seem to be a no brainer.

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