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Made in au
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

So I’ve never sold anything before but my collection is just getting far too out of hand and I need to start making some space to breath again. I wanted to ask a couple of questions on how best to get stuff sold.

1. If I want to sell an army whole, instead of splitting the units, does that work? Or do people generally prefer to split? I don’t often see people selling armies whole but I also don’t see people selling whole armies very often either.

2. If I did split up units to sell separately, how does shipping work? Trying to ship a whole heap of seperate characters and units to different places seems complicated and hard to do. Do you put them in boxes/envelopes? (Really, I’m a huge noob at selling stuff haha.)

3. I have a couple of large painted models I’m quite proud of. If I were to sell these for a mark up, would I sell them on this platform or on something like eBay?

4. Generally, what sort of percentage do people cut down the price on units that have been built and/or partially painted?

Thanks in advance
Made in gb
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

It varies enormously.

1. Generally, I'm not much interested in whole armies, because I have lots already. That said, if someone was selling a decent Genestealer Cult force, or Eldar, that would fill a gap for me.

2. Shipping isn't that hard. Bubble wrap. Padded envelopes. Receipts. PROOF OF POSTAGE/insurance.

3. If you're proud of them, keep them. Unless something's REALLY well painted, or is already cohesive, I'm likely to strip and repaint anyway.

4. I'd be looking to pay not more than 50% of list here and preferably less.

Good luck!
Made in us
Rogue Grot Kannon Gunna

Atlanta, GA

1. People are far less likely to buy whole armies, splitting may be your best bet.

2. Ideally you pack your minis in boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap or another form of protective layering. If you have a small kitchen scale, you can weigh everything to get more accurate postal quotes. Insurance up to a certain amount is often included, but you may want to buy additional insurance if you're selling a lot of things all at once.

Delivery confirmation or signature required may be helpful in case of disputes.

3. Painted models, unless they're basically Golden Demon quality,will not sell for as much as you think they will sell for, unless you get really, really lucky.

4. For painted and partially built models, I wouldn't generally pay more than 30-40% of MSRP. Anything painted I'll be stripping anyways, and partially built can often be a pain in the butt to fix.

When selling minis, DO NOT use the "Friends and Family" option if you're using Paypal for payment. Instead, send the buyer a fully detailed invoice. If you use "Friends and Family" for payment you have NO recourse if the buyer decides to claim that they never got the minis. By sending an invoice you at least have *some* level of protection.
Made in au
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Thanks very much for the replies guys! Very good answers and advice.
Made in us
Thinking of Joining a Davinite Loge

Philadelphia PA

1. splitting is in the buyer's interest, but it may leave you with leftovers that don't sell well. It's a trade off you need to consider, there's no one size fits all answer. If you really have a bunch of stuff consider putting it into grouped lots so no one tries to buy a single farseer or something.

2. shipping isn't too bad, when I was trading a lot I relied on lists to keep everything straight.

3. anything painted you definitely need good quality pictures of, and even then there's a significant chunk of the community (like me) that isn't going to pay more for paint. I agree with the advice given if it's a model you like keep it, unless there's some pressing need to sell.

4. generally 50% but it helps to pay attention to the market. Check ebay, Bartertown and listings here. Even with GW coming back into production after the lockdown it's a bit of a buyers market and things are going to for higher than I normally see.
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