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Regular Dakkanaut

September Release Overview: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41104102

OPR (www.onepagerules.com) is the home of many free games which are designed to be fast to learn and easy to play!

This project was made by gamers for gamers, and it can only exist thanks to the support of our awesome community. Every month we provide TONS of new games, models & more, giving you the best that wargaming has to offer at the lowest price possible. external image

Here's everything you get in September for just $10:

3D Print: Alien Hives (7 Models)
- 1 Prime Warrior Hero
- 3 Assault Grunts
- 3 Shooter Grunts

3D Print: Mummified Undead (6 Models)
- 1 Mummy King Hero
- 3 Skeleton Warriors
- 2 Skeleton Horsemen

3D Print: Empire Fleet (4 Models)
- 1 Destroyer Heavy Ship
- 1 Gladiator Medium Ship
- 1 Raider Light Ship
- 1 Slave Squadron
- 5 Bases (Round & Square)

General 3D Print Rewards:
- OPR Play Tokens & Ruler
- 20% Discount Code for CGTrader

2D Printing Rewards:
- Infected Colonies (2 Colors + PSD)
- Empire Fleet (2 Colors + PSD)
- Arena Games Templates (PSD)

Early Access Rewards:
- Warfleets: FTL
- GF: Arena - Season 1
- AoF: Arena - Season 1
- Jakob's Path: Chapters 1-3

Full Rulebook Rewards:
- Grimdark Future
- Grimdark Future: Firefight
- Age of Fantasy
- Age of Fantasy: Skirmish
- Age of Fantasy: Regiments

Point Calculators Rewards:
- GF + GFF Point Calculator
- AoF + AoFS + AoFR Point Calculator
- Army Creation Templates
- Online Point Calculator (beta)

General Rewards:
- Patrons-Only Channels on Discord
- Weekly Development Updates

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Near Golden Daemon Caliber

Affton, MO. USA

Nice looking models. I have also started a Paterson page for vendors here on DakkaDakka. Feel free to post your stuff there also.

LOL, Theo your mind is an amazing place, never change.-camkierhi 9/19/13
I cant believe theo is right.. damn. -comradepanda 9/26/13
None of the strange ideas we had about you involved your sexual orientation..........-Monkeytroll 12/10/13

I'd put you on ignore for that comment, if I could...Alpharius 2/11/14 
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Regular Dakkanaut

 Theophony wrote:
Nice looking models. I have also started a Paterson page for vendors here on DakkaDakka. Feel free to post your stuff there also.

Will do, thanks!
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Fixture of Dakka

West Michigan, deep in Whitebread, USA

I have always loved OnePageRules, all the way back to when it was "One Page 40K" and models only had a quality stat.

"By this point I'm convinced 100% that every single race in the 40k universe have somehow tapped into the ork ability to just have their tech work because they think it should."  
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Infected Colonies paper minis have been added to the September releases: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41593967

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Regular Dakkanaut

Beastmen Bundle is available on our CGTrader store now: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-model-collections/beastmen-heroe...

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Regular Dakkanaut

Dwarf Army Bundle available now (20% Discount!): https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-model-collections/dwarf-army-bundle

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