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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Alright, put your rose-tinted glasses on, as this is a 2000 point list for space wolves built using the 5th Edition Codex (planning to use with ProHammer).

I'm kinda-sorta making it in the spirit of the warp void-faring 13th company (but just using the normal listed units). What these means is that I've avoided using any tracked vehicles/transports (including bikes), and every unit in the list also deep strikes or has some special deployment options. One of the ProHammer optional rules is for more balanced army compositions, requiring a 2:3 ratio of troop:specialist units (excluding HQ). With three Troop Choices, I have four specialist unit slots.


++++++ HQ ++++++

Wolf Lord
w/ Plasma pistol, frost weapon, belt of russ, melta bombs, saga of majesty
accompanies blood claws

Rune Priest
w/ Plasma pistol, runic armor, runic weapon, saga of the beast slayer, melta bombs
accompanies grey hunters alpha squad

++++++ TROOPS ++++++

8 Blood claws: 1 w/ flamer
1 Wolf guard leader w/ power fist
1 drop pod w/ storm bolter

8 grey hunters alpha: w/ 1x melta gun, 1x plasma pistol, 1x powerfirst, 1x wolf standard
1 Wolf Guard leader w. frost weapon, plasma pistol, melta bombs
1 drop pod w/ storm bolter

9 grey hunters omega: w/ 1x melta gun, 1x plasma pistol, 1x powerfirst, 1x wolf standard
1 Wolf Guard leader w. power fist, plasma pistol, melta bombs
1 drop pod w/ storm bolter

++++++ ELITES ++++++

Venerable Dreadnought w/ heavy flamer and extra armor
1 drop pod w/ storm bolter

6 Wolf scouts: 1x melta gun, 2x plasma pistol, rest with CCW and bolt pistol

6 Wolf Guard Terminators: 1 w/ Assault Cannon + Chain Fist (+45), 1w/ 2 claws (+10), 1 w/ storm shield + frost weapon (+25), 1 w/ storm shield + thunder hammer (+30), 2 w/ storm-bolter + frost weapon (+20)

++++++ FAST ATTACK ++++++

3 Landspeeders in Squadron: 2 w/ multi-melta + heavy bolter, 1 w/ assault cannon + heavy flamer
(technically could split into three separate units)

++++++ SUMMARY ++++++

* 42 infantry models
* 1 dreadnought
* 4 drop pods
* 3 land speeders
* 2000 points of wolf blood



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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Makes me nostalgic man. That was a great edition for wolves way I remember.. not so much for my unforgiven.

Its been too long to give much useful feedback but I feel like those bloodclaws would be better served as more hunters.

On that note I don't ever remember plas pistols being worth taking..? Why not more melta?
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I took the maximum amount of melta already! The plasma pistols are mostly usefful just having more anti-elite weaponry in the squads. Also with drop pods the ability to drop behind vehicles and shoot the weaker rear armor can't be understated. A S7 plasma shot only needs a 3+ to glance and 4+ to penetrate. Couple of those on top of the melta guns means a good chance of the vehicle at least being stunned, if not destroyed.

The bloodclaws are mostly for fun to mix it up - but you make a good point, it could be switched up for more grey hunters.

What's funny is that I repriced this list using the 7th edition solves codex and it was like 250 points cheaper! I could buy a whole additional unit for that easily.

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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Armour facings were so much cooler. My group won't revisit 5th but I do miss it.

Fair enough on the melta and plas then. If stun locking is still a thing in your revised rules you might consider some long fangs with missiles. And maybe even consider breaking those speeders into singles like you mentioned.. although I'm guessing the models are built with that loadout.

Anyway cool idea I hope it goes well.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Riverside, CA USA

Been a long time, but I remember very distinctly not liking Wolf Scouts in 5th, so I switched over to a small unit of Wolf Guard in a drop pod w/ 4 combi-meltas for about the same price, and about the same survivability (ie: none), but were generally more effective at popping into enemy lines and destroying a hard target.

However, I can't remember if Wolf Guard were still 0-1 like they were in 3rd/4th, I didn't use a terminator squad at the time

~Kalamadea (aka ember)
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