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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

I've got a load of unpainted primaris and first born lying around, so I decided to be stupid and create my own legion. Yup, that's legion not chapter. I'm building the 2nd Legion, one of the two that had their records expunged after the Horus Heresy. In 40k. With Primaris.

I know, I'm an idiot, don't @ me.

So, I'm going for a hawk theme with fast attack and sneaky sneaks, (yes, I know Raven Guard exist, they won't be THAT sneaky) and wanted some feedback on my colour schemes for different troop types.

Once I've got some troops painted, I might have a go at constructing a primarch hawk lord to lead them. It'll be a long term project, though, as I've already got loads of other projects on the go.

What do people think? If people want to talk about lore for them, that's fine too. I've got some basic ideas sketched out.
[Thumb - Mordant Hawks V2.png]

[Thumb - Mordant Hawks Reiver.png]

[Thumb - Mordant Hawks Assault.png]

[Thumb - Mordant Hawks Heavy.png]

[Thumb - Mordant Hawks Stealth.png]

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Executing Exarch

Edinburgh, UK

I like number one the best as it's fairly cohesive scheme that won't be a pain in the backside to paint or make you question your sanity. It also gives you plenty of room for company symbols etc without worrying about clashing colours.

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

To be honest, I like questioning my sanity. I'm pretty well practised at it.

I'm actually intending to use all the different schemes for the different troop types. So, intercessors/tactical for the first (basic) scheme, reivers for the second, assault for the third, heavy for the fourth and sneaky stealth (infiltrators, scouts and the like) for the fifth. I'm more after criticism on the colours used and the overall impression it gives.

They're basically a separatist legion, hiding out in the fringes of known space, watching and stealing what they need from the Imperium when it suits them. Hawk themed, obviously, hence the name. That's also I've also gone for the orange eye lenses for some of the schemes.
Made in gb
Wise Ethereal with Bodyguard

More magpie than hawk maybe?

The schemes all look pretty cool, except for the orange trim on scheme 3. "We're really sneaky... except for Kevin... damn you Kevin..."

Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

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Regular Dakkanaut

lol the magpie legion...

No no, scheme three is assault marines. In your face. Orange.

Maybe not? :/
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