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Made in ca
Frater Militia


Spearhead detachment -3 CP
Valorous Heart Order

HQ: 2
1 cannoness 50
inferno pistol 5
Order-valourous heart 0
litanies of faith 0
power sword 5
rod of command 5
1 missionary 45
shotgun 0

Elite: 2
6 celestians 72
Order-valourous heart 0
chainsword 0
1 imagifier-stoic 45
Order-valourous heart 0

Heavy: 5
9 retributors 108
4x MM 80
2x cherubs 10
simalacrum 5
Order-valourous heart 0
chainsword 0

3 exorcists 450
3x missiles 90
3x heavy bolters 45
3x hunter missiles 15
Valourous Heart Order

9 retributors 108
4x MM 80
2x cherubs 10
simalacrum 5
Order-valourous heart 0

patrol detachment -Bloody Rose Order

HQ: 2
1 celestine-warlord 170
1 cannoness 50
order-bloody rose 0
heroine in making-indomnitable belief 0
beneficience-relic 0
inferno pistol 5

Troops: 1
5 sister troops 55
chainsword 0
order-bloody rose 0

Elite: 2
10 zephyrim 150
10x power sword 50
pendant 5
order-bloody rose 0
7 repentia 105
order-bloody rose 0
1 repentia superior 40
neural whip 0
1 rhino 75
storm bolter 3

Fortification Detachment: 1

1 Battle Sanctum 55

total: 1996 points start with 7 CP
3 miracle dice per turn.

The rhino carries the repentia, repentia superior, cannoness, and missionary for a deadly squad. Celestine will try to follow the rhino with zephyrim guards to grant repentia a 4++/5+++ so they stay longer with 4 st 6 attacks each.
The battle sanctum provides a firing battery to house the 2x retributoers on 3 and 2nd floors. Celestians will be on first floor. Imagifier and cannoness on 2nd floor to provide the buffs. The sanctum will then be surrounded by 3 exorcists to continue to lay the barrage. Turn 1 can lay 30 MM shots at min 36" range of melta plus another 8 shots at 24" range.

I don't know what to do with the 5 sister troops, act as a screen to the sanctum i guess.

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Made in us
Confessor Of Sins

I said this before on the sisters of battle tactics thread but that is an incredibly difficult to read form of list writing. I know you're probably copying it from something but even writing it out like:

Valorous Heart Spearhead

Canoness, rod, sword, plasma pistol, litanies


1x6 Celestians


etc would be much easier to digest.


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