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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

So, the most important thing about cockroaches is, if you see one of them, there are probably 100 more.

So the goal of this list is to have only ONE model on the table at start with a minimum of 101 models in the army.

Its not so serious that I am building it real seriously. Or it would have to have a lot more thought in it. But -- an idea like this is not implausible.

Stormlord! 440 points.
inquisitor (4pl/80 points)
tempest prime (all carry command rods, and are lambdas)
tempest prime
tempest prime 9pl/135 points
3 command squads scions (I believe that's 12 pl? and 240 points) (12 plasma here, lambdas)
6 crusaders (I believe that's 3 pl) 120
2 platoon commander (catachan) 50/2
straken 80/4?
astropath 25/2
ministerium priest 45/3?
lord commisar yarrik (that';s another like, 5 pl and 105 points)
6 x 10 catachan jungle hacker fighters (flamer + powersword) each
3 catacchan command squads with chainsword and laspistol each
3 5 man scions squads with 2 plasma and 1 plasma pistol each (lambdas)

The stormlord brings all the boys to the yard...
Stuff it full of units and powerlevel till EVERYTHING else can start in reserves or deepstrike.
.So you literally can start with just ONE model on the board. And everything else is in it or waiting to explode from board edges and deepstrike.

I don't know what to think of this other than "CRUSH THEM" as yarrick screams "FIRE MORE ACCURATELY!"

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
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