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Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello, My first post here
I am an new/old player
Played allong time ago. back in 4 edition.

With the indomitus box set i just couldent resist to start again.

So this is the list ive built for my first 1000 points games, vs my old friend who is playing necrons.

Librarian Dreadnought 143
Storm bolter
Wings of sangiuius
Warlord, Artisan of war

Captain Indomitus 105
Mastercrafted Powersword
Relic Stormshilde

Assult Interssesor Squad. 100
5 Marines
Plasma pistol

Assult Interssesor Squad. 100
5 Marines
Plasma pistol

Death Company. 147
7 marines
Chainswords and boltguns.
Jump Packs

Invictor Tactical Warsuit 165
Heavy bolter
Twin Iron Hail Autocannon
Ironhail heavy stubbers

Heavy Support

Eradicators 120
Melta rifles

Eradicators 120
Melta rifles

The captain will march with the Eradicators so they get their rerolls.
The Warsuit will deploy in my opponets face of my opponent.
And the Jump pack Dc will probly go in reserv.
and the libry dread will stay back until its time to strike.
i have a 2k list aswell. it dubbels the dc`s and ads a 5 man incursors, 10 sang guard, Mephiston , astorath and a sang acient.

what do you think?

Made in gb
Sacrifice to the Dark God Tzeentch

My brother plays BA at 2k so I've had alot of experience against them.

Sanguinary guard are monsters, especially next to the ancient with standard of sacrifice for a 5+++, and astorath for RR hits.

DC are really good as well, whatever they're equipped with. You can move(and advance) them after deployment for a first turn charge against basically anything for an easy kill. As yours are equipped with chainswords with no thunder hammers your targets would be more limited, but would still do work.

Astorath is basically an auto include giving 2 litanies and mass of doom for only 20pts over a regular chaplain. He's best with +2 to charges and rr hits imo.

I would advise starting everything on the board and then use forlorn fury/upon wings of fire to get your jump pack units in range to charge on T1 not turn 2.

All the other units you've mentioned are good but aren't key to a BA list, except maybe eradicators for some anti tank.
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

cool, but for a newer / old player. What are the "allways bring" units in blood angels?
So drop the invictor and get me some beautifull sang guards? ive seen them pop upp a lott in Ba lists

5 man Sang guard are 170 p
The banner boi is 85.
I need to fix my list
Made in gb
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

My issue is that I really don't like gold painted models :( I wonder if I can get away with death company SG?

If you ever play with "that guy" remember this :
"there may be times when you are not sure exactly how to resolve a situation that has come up during play. When this happens, have a quick chat with your opponent and apply the solution that makes the most sense to both of you (or seems the most fun!), If no single solution presents itself, you and your opponent should roll off, and whoever rolls the highest gets to choose what happens." BRB pg 180 
Made in us
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Upcoming changes will make Sanguinary Guard MUCH better, and:

the Sanguinor is going to be point-and-laugh hysterical. He's going to get to - as a response to one of your other units being charged - Deep Strike into Engagement Range - He basically gets to Heroically Intervene from Reserves anywhere on the board as a reaction to your unit(s) being successfully charged.

My WHFB armies were Bretonians and Tomb Kings. 
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Yeah, now the Ba are in a weird spot, None of their Pys powers for Mephiston or any librarian, Or their stratagems. Im 100% sure that this will all return when we get the new book. But i have no idea what Gw are doing, releasing 20 % of the suppliment book , and throwing their less then a year old rules under the buss.

Sinse i play only cassual atm , i will still use the blood of ball stuff until the new book comes out, but with the new points , so here follows my new 1000 p list

Librarian Dreadnought, ( Now that it can only attack once with its force halbard i dont know if he is the way to go ) 155 ,
The Sanguinor 150 ( Becuse why not? )

Assult intercessors plasma pistol 100p
Assult intercessors plasma pistol 100p (might drop the plasmaguns for swords , Or thunderhammers when i get the kit )

Death comp Jp 255 / 9 marines, 2 thunderhammers ( this unit im not to sure of, The sanguinary guard seem to do allot more dmg per 100 point, and i can fitt 8 of them with 2 fists and a inferno pistol at the same points.

Eradicators 120
Eradicators 120

What are your thoughts?
First of, Sanguard or Dc marines
Librarian dreadnought or something ells?
Assult intercessors or a more shooty unit?

Thanks for all feedback

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