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Made in gb
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Space marine army
Indomitus captain
Indomitus lieutenant
Indomitus chaplain
Indomitus judicar
Converted indomitus chaplain
Blade guard ancient
3 blade guard veterans
3 eradicators
3 eradicators missing heads. Waiting on new ones arriving but have the heads they came with
2 squads of 3 out riders. Both sgts have thunder hammers
2 squads of 5 assault intercessors, both sgts have thunder hammers
1 squad of 5 intercessors with assault bolt rifles built using assault intercessor bodies
1 squad of 5 incursors, other 5 still on sprue.
Also have another blade guard ancient, blade guard unit, captain and lieutenant still on sprue. Also another 5 assault intercessors, bits may be missing

£120 or trades for chaos space marines or drukhari.

Could be interested in other stuff. Just let me know what you have

Marvel: mostly painted bar a few characters, black panther painted with colour shift purple. Prices not set in stone. If you want any close ups just ask.

Captain america £12
Iron man £12
Black widow £12
Captain marvel £12

Red skull £12
Crossbones £12
Baron zemo £12
Ultron £18
Doctor octopus £12

Loki £12
Hela £12

Spiderman £12

Guardian of the galaxy templates £15

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Made in gb
Member of a Lodge? I Can't Say


Still available
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