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Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

For years I wanted to have a old school Chaos Warband - a mix of daemons, monsters, Chaos Marines, Chaos Warriors, just anything that would scratch that old 80/90s vibe and what my vision of Chaos is. I don't care if it is fantasy or sci-fi, it just has to be weird and over the top. Minis had been bought, built and undercoated but nothing ever stuck until last year and I started to build some Nurgle Daemons. From here I have actually made some progress and am really enjoying putting this warband together. I've no real interest in playing 40k or AoS with the warband and I'm happy to use models from any manufacturer, as well as doing a bit of converting myself.

The first lot of Nurgle models I painted for the Warband.

As you can see I like my minis to be somewhat individual, the warp is a weird place and I don't see legions of daemons coming out of it all the same. More examples are the Pink Horrors and Bloodletters I also have painted up.

I've also painted up some non-GW things.

Some models are old and repurposed

And some have even been converted

While others are straight from the box

There is plenty more painted, and as I add more minis, I'll take more photos and group shots.

Last thing I finished were these large maggots from Zinge Industries

And I am currently working on a unit of Nurgle Raptors. One down, four to go.

Any questions, don't be afraid to ask, and there are more images of various things in my gallery.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

There's a lot to like here. Great painting and fun models. Skeletor is a welcome sight, and the joy-riding Plaguebearers are awesome.
Made in au
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter


Hey mate,

Great start to this blog. I love the mix of minis and the real "straight outta warp" vibe from these guys. The different tones on the daemons just work; the bloodletters I think are particularly effective.

Hope to see some group shots soon. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

t z you are k 
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

Thank you both for dropping in and your kind words, it is very much appreciated!

Got my Nurgle Raptors finished up. Only five to begin with, I do have another box (somewhere) but quite fancy doing some of the Warp dudes, whose name I can't remember. I bought these when they were first released, then built them last year, so it is nice to get them done. There was a little conversion work on them, just a few spots and gribbly bits added, nothing too much. I honestly don't know if Nurgle Raptors are even a thing, but I should have given the special weapons marine a plasma gun instead of a melta.

The figures are a little top heavy, so the cheapest way to add a little weight... cost me 5p!

Next up is a Khorne thingy (I'm rubbish with names), it has wheels and bloodletters and some old GW daemons and a few things from CP models. Trying to paint and do subassemblies for the Khorne thingy as I have an awful bad habit of building things to completion then getting frustrated when I can't get at bits to paint.
[Thumb - IMG_4654.jpg]
Coming next...

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Hey, old-school Daemonettes! Can't wait to see those painted. Raptors look good. I like the spot colors against all the green.
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

Cheers. Haven't put paint to the Daemonettes yet but have got a few bits done.

The daemons in the front are from CP Models in the UK and a homemade objective token is hiding in the back. They have a huge range and are decent sculpts for the price. I'm a fan, especially as these ones are one piece metals. The little objective token is just a base, greenstuff and a toothpick. I really must get better at taking photos of stuff before I paint it.

A cross between a daemon and Slimer from Ghostbusters. Wanted the teeth and eyes to really stand out, and I did, even though it looks wrong, but it is a daemon, it should look wrong. Also got a bloody base, just to make it stand out a little more...

I've already painted four of these daemons, and I've two more to go. They are smaller than GW Plaguebearers so will work as lesser daemons. I'll take a group photo when I have the others painted and some comparison shots with other models.

Just something I did when I mixed up too much greenstuff. Will do as an objective token.

Anyway... work in progress time...

A little bit more done on the Skullcannon... but it might turn into the chariot thing.

Trying an experiment with packing peanuts or whatever they are called... I hate the amount of waste you get with orders, so try and do the odd experiment to see if I can throw less out and make something useful out of it. It has been coated with a bit of basing texture and with the right paint job with perhaps look Nurgly. It is only costing me time and a few consumable materials.

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Made in ca
Damsel of the Lady

drinking tea in the snow

The slimer demon is neat, creepy and a little bit cute all at once, while still looking demon-y

realism is a lie
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Slimer. That's fantastic!
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

The Slimer Daemon is great. Reminds me that I have an actual not-Slimer from Crooked Dice somewhere that I still need to paint... sometime!

Anyway, I have another few minis finished, and I think it is all the Nurgly things I have painted from CP Models. I will get my camera out someday instead of relying on my phone.

The whole unit is show below and a comparison in size with some GW Plague Bearers. Not bad for £13 and a little postage.

I also got a Plague Doctor from CP Models finished as well. She is not going to cure you though for she works for Papa Nurgle!

This is a group shot of all my Nurgle Daemons I have painted at the moment... but I forgot to included the 6 bases of Nurglings I have.

Anyway, coming next...

More Plague Daemons, this time by Heresy Miniatures.

I've started working on some Plague Marines.

And I continue to build and add more base colours to the Skullthrone/BloodCannon or whatever it is called!

Made in fr
Monstrously Massive Big Mutant


Brilliant warbands ! I am very fond of the nurgle landspeeder, the perfect thing to crash into ennemy ranks !

My P&M Blog : Warp Wanderers, Chaos warbands in the Eye of Terror

Voting for my stuff pleases the Chaos Gods and brings you luck in battle !

Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

Thank you, KernelTerror, appreciate the kind words!

Just a quick update. Unseasonably dry weather has meant doing outside jobs during my freetime but I have started to build and get some minis ready for painting. Thankfully it is pissing out of the heavens again, so I will get plenty of hobby time over the next few days.

The Minotaur is from Zealot Miniatures and I had so little work to do on it. Possibly one of the best cast minis I have ever gotten my hands on. The Hellhound is from Heresy Miniatures and I decided to pin everything. The amount of green stuff is a reflection of my hobby skills rather than the quality of the sculpts.

A group of Plague Demons from Heresy - these have more pins in them than Barry Sheene (internet points if you know who he is) and the amount of green stuff is again no reflection of the sculpts, more me trying to make sure they stay together when I drop them, because that is a certainty.

More stuff I've been building. The Chaos Warriors are an eBay rescue project. There are another 6 or 7 sitting in Dettol waiting to be cleaned up.

More minis that have been rescued and are going to join my Warbands... I will need to sculpt wings for the Harpies/Furies... but for £1.20 of eBay, it will be a fun and challenging mini project.
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

Just a lot more drilling and gluing.

Got a few old school Grenadier evil warriors and a bunch of Beastmen with no weapons.

Weapons and banner poles added to the Beastmen, a lot of greenstuffing to come and the Grenadier minis are ready for a prime.

Also have a bunch of these shields, so one is going to be used on the Beastmen. I think I got these shields in the 90s.

More recent purchases have been this Minotaur and The Gargoyle of Litchmyre from Zealot Miniatures. The Gargoyle is going to be painted like a Khorne Daemon and will be a decent proxy as a Daemon Prince (not that I play any games that need a Daemon Prince, but oh well).

I was going to say that these Chaos Warriors were ready for priming but the photo shows I have done an awful job cleaning the heads so I'll have to go back and sort those mould lines out. (I really should have stripped the paint on the heads, but...)
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

I've got a bit of painter's block, so just trying to get bits and pieces done. A few minis finished, though, but have been working mostly on terrain and getting minis prepped for painting.

These are the only minis I have got finished. These are Maggotmen and Maggotwomen from Heresy Miniatures. Really nice sculpts and these were mostly painted with GW Contrast and washes.

Below are a few group shots with other maggots and a frog familiar. All from Heresy and all painted earlier this year.

I also have gotten some Age of Sigmar scatter terrain painted.

and have started work on the bigger pieces

You can see how disorganised I am and also that I have added a little bit of texture to the buildings.

The metal beastmen are just about ready to be primed... I've one weapon to finish one another model.

My Plague Tree that I am making from wire, packing peanuts and PVA is growing.

And I've finished the base for the Khorne Skull Chariot thing... I'll add some tufts to finished when the model is glued to the base.

Until next time!
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

That base looks awesome! Lots of stuff on the go. Space Crusade Chaos guys are fun to see.
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

I have too many things on the go, at the moment. Going to concentrate on getting things finished.

So finished stuff... well it needs varnished but that can wait for another day.

Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

Finished my first Plague Marine... god knows how many I have in boxes or still on sprues still to paint... but I like the scheme, perhaps a bit clean but given I have so many of the wee buggers to paint, I can do a few grittier squads which will disguise similar looking sculpts (not sure I have the time or will to converting them all to look different).

Also took a few photos with his mates and his ride

I've also started another conversion.

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Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

Another Plague Marine done, spending too much time on them really, but they are great figures and really enjoyable to paint.

And with his mate

Work in Progress now.

A couple more Plague Marines getting base coats on.

My Harpy/Daemons have gotten wings. I was going to make them myself but realised I had these ones from Kromlech and that will save a lot of time... not that I am in a rush or anything.

And more work on the Plague Hauler. It is going to be like a snail type thing. It makes sense in my head so will see were it goes.

Until next time!
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

Number 3 of 4 Plague Marines completed. Should get number 4 finished later today.

Could have been a lot neater on some parts, but if I was I'd still be on number 2

Work in progress.

I wanted the snaily movey bit to flow more so I am going to redo it. Otherwise, I am happy enough - is instantly recognisable as a Plague Hauler but I won't have a bunch of identical models on the shelf plus I need all the sculpting practise I can get.

I want a big nurgle giant/daemon. I often read people suggesting toys and greenstuff, so why not give it a go - it is often suggested but not often seen. I've glued the legs in place and started to fill in gaps and sand off mould lines... Plan is long tentacle hair and living beard, massive open stomach, saggy maggotty boobs and a massive sword... this is going to be a very long term project, just doing bits and pieces at a time. I've learned from doing my Maulerfiend that doing it all at once is a recipe for burnout!
Made in gb
Indescriminate Explicator

Northern Ireland

More progress on the Plague Hauler. I've primed it to give me a better idea of what it actually looks like. Going to start painting it and if I feel it needs something, it might get something

Yes, the primer is still wet and one thing is the melta-gun thing could do with a cable or tentacle attaching it to the body to suggest a power supply.

Also started building up Hulks belly with foil and hot glue.
Made in at
Stalwart Space Marine

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Wow some great stuff in here! I'm excited to see where you take the Hulk conversion! Will keep checking back here!
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