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Secret Inquisitorial Eldar Xenexecutor


Hello there !

A new battle report for today, with the DG battling the IF, both using PA supplements.
Here are the lists:

The DG

1 winged deamon prince, arch contaminator
1 Chaos lord
1 foul blightspawn
1 biologus putrifier
1 bloat drone
3 rhinos
3 crawlers
1 dreadnought
2*7 plagues marines,3 plasma rifles
2*5 plague marines, 1 plasma rifle

The IF

Chapter master primaris, plasma pistol power fist
Chaplain primaris
Apothecary primaris
10 intercessors stalkers
2*5 intercessors
1 redemptor
1 predator, 4 lascannon
1 stormtalon, skyhammers, assault cannons
3 suppressors
4 centurions

The DG player deployed in a fairly defensive and grouped way, while also placing 2 rhinos on his left flank and 1 rhino on the edge of his deployment zone, in order to take the objectives. Finally, he kept his fourth squad of Plague Marines on his right flank behind a ruin The IF player deployed in depth, from his table edge to his deployment limit, in search of the maximum lines of sight .

Chaos had the first turn.


The chaplain failed his litany to give +1 to wound to the centurions

Few movements, only the rhinos advances a little.

The psy phase fails totally, with no power going through.
We went directly to the shooting phase, which was also disappointing, with only the thunderfire gun getting destroyed by the crawlers. The rest of the shots had no effect on the entrenched Astartes.

The two half-intercessors squad rushed out of their cover and ADVANCED on the objectives in their half of the table. Almost the entire army advanced and left the ruins, except the stalkers who entered the middle ruin.
There was no psy phase.

Shooting phase and the predator destroyed the rhino on the right flank of Chaos, killing 1 of the marine hiding inside. The centurions, Suppressors, and the Stomtalon Assault Cannon put a crawler at 1 wound, and the skyhammer missiles launchers removed 5hp from the Chaos dreadnought.

The redemptor succeeded in his charge with a nice 11 and contacted the plague marines squad whose rhino had been destroyed and killed 4 of them (including one in attrition), losing himself 1 VP in the counterattack and also contacted a non injured crawler.

Round 1 clearly marked the supremacy of the IF over the shooting phase, following bad dice rolls from the DM player which really did not help.


The chaplain passed his litany giving +1 to wound to the centurions

The DG disengaged from the redemptor and the two rhinos on the left arrived on the objectives.
The psychic phase was still a huge failure despite a command reroll
The shooting phase started with a double shot from the Chaos dreadnought on its Imperial alter ego, which benefited from DUTY ETERNAL or whatever the stratagem is called in English.The redemptor survived with 1 wound, and the 1 wound crawler finished it: in the ensuing explosion, 1 plagues marines and the wounded crawler died, while another one took 2 wounds.

This is what is called dying with panache!

The third crawler wounded the stormtalon 7 times, but did not destroy it. The predator cames out without any damage

The Terminator Squad teleported into the heretic deployment zone, behind the rhinos on the left flank. The predator advanced further and stopped in the center of the battlefield, flanked on its right by the centurions and characters. The rest of the army did not move or little.

The stormtalon and stalkers destroyed the Chaos dreadnought, while the suppressors failed to fo anything to a rhino. The predator then opened fire and literally exploded it, killing 2 passengers. The terminators shooted at them using the +1 to hit stratagem, killing them all.The centurions only inflicted 5 wounds on a crawler.
The terminators failed to charge the second rhino from the left flank.

The chaplain passed his litany on the centurions

Little movement, the last embarked squad disembarked in front of the terminators.
Miasma of pestilences (-1 to be hit) finally passed, on the plagueburster crawler which already has lost 5 wounds. Using bolters from the plagues marines of the right flank, the stormtalon was destroyed.

The terminators were eliminated despite a stratagem by the putrifer and the plasma rifles, and the predator was finally damaged (3 wounds) by a crawler while 1 suppressor and 1 centurions got killed (the first victim of the drone).

The apothecary raised and healed a centurion, while the techmarine repaired the predator..
Once again, almost no movement happened, the two armies were in line of sight.
A crawler and the squad of plague that disembarked earlier got exterminated and 1 marine of the right flank got killed by the suppressors.

All surviving units moved closer to the middle of the table, and the foul blightspawn disembarked.

The predator was eventually destroyed, the techmarine got seriously wounded by the drone and the centurions had 1 loss following the attack of the blight spawn under a stratagem.
The rhino charged the centurions but nothing happened.

Immediately, the dead centurion got up and well and the unit fired into melee and destroyed the rhino, inflicting 3 MW on the chapter master, 3 on the chaplain,2 on the techmarine killing him and killing 1 centurion.

There is definitely nothing more dangerous than an exploding vehicle !

The stalkers intercessors killed the blight spawn.

[img] https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2020/9/28/1079464_sm-.jpg [/ img]


Another failed litany...


The demon prince smited the chapter master and subsequently killed him with a blight flamethrower, then the crawler destroyed the suppressor unit. The drone killed the chaplain by shooting, and finally 2 centurions were killed by the last 2 plague marines


Without any support or cp, the centurions and stalkers intercessors shoot at the drone but do no damage, and the game ends.

[img] https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2020/9/28/1079471_sm-.jpg [/ img]

[img] https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2020/9/28/1079467_sm-.jpg [/ img]

The Imperial Fists won quite a lot in the score (which I unfortunately did not note ...). The DG scored very little secondary and was blocked in hos zone until turn 4 when she was finally able to counterattack, which prevented him from scoring. The choice of secondaries seems essential to me in 9th.

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Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

That was a deadly explosion! That Centurion was a bit over-enthusiastic.

Nice to see a picture report as well.

Made in fr
Secret Inquisitorial Eldar Xenexecutor


 H.B.M.C. wrote:
That was a deadly explosion! That Centurion was a bit over-enthusiastic.

Nice to see a picture report as well.

Oh H.B.M.C himself on my thread
Well, I shall edit it because half the pics didn't work haha but I do prefer written battle reports with pics, probably because most of the video ones are super long and full of unnecessary things. I think that was the biggest explosion I saw in 40k yet^^
Unfortunately primaris are so resilient it didn't matter that much in the end

Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

It just reminds me of a game from way back in the day, something we forever called the "Over-Enthusiastic Warlock", who smacked a Sentinel in the face with his Witchblade, blowing it sky high and killing his entire Guardian unit in the explosion. Only the Warlock was left standing there, wondering what on earth he'd just done.

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