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Made in us
I'll Be Back

Okay, so I thought up this list very late last night as a joke, so its actual effectiveness is going to be kinda suspect, but I figured y'all might like it conceptually before you poke a billion holes in it. Here goes.

Using the 9th Ed Necron Codex, I give you The Unholy Trinity.

1,995 points, 9 CP.
Triptykh Dynasty - 6" Pre-Game move, ObSec on all models

Supreme Command Detatchment - Triptykh Dynasty (+2 Command Points)
The Silent King (WARLORD) - 450 Points

Patrol Detatchment - Triptykh Dynasty (-2 Command Points)
HQ - 80 pts
Technomancer with Canoptek Cloak - 80 pts
Elites - 350 pts
C'Tan Shard of the Nightbringer - 350 pts
Troops - 255 pts
5 X Immortals with Gauss Blasters - 85 pts
5 X Immortals with Gauss Blasters - 85 pts
5 X Immortals with Gauss Blasters - 85 pts
Fast Attack - 500 pts
10 X Triarch Praetorians with Rods of the Covenant - 250 pts
10 X Triarch Praetorians with Rods of the Covenant - 250 pts

Super-Heavy Auxillary Detatchment - Triptykh Dynasty (-3 Command Points)
1 Monolith with Gauss Flux Arcs - 360 pts

The idea is that three massive, durable models might be enough to overwhelm enemy anti-tank and retain enough firepower to deal with them in the first turn, while also all being very handy in close combat. The dynasty traits aren't super-important, but nice to have on the Immortals and Monolith. The Nightbringer can operate independently, so I'll probably put him into Strategic Reserves and bring him out on the enemy board edge on Turn 2. The Silent King and Monolith each move onto the midfield objectives, while the Immortals and Praetorians have the range and speed respectively to be flexible enough to go where they need to be, depending on the game type and matchup.

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Made in de
Prophetic Blood Angel Librarian


The monolith cant move over the battlefield, unless its almost empty.
Made in us
Pyro Pilot of a Triach Stalker

The Eternity Gate

So I actually the bones if the list but a few suggestions.

First, the dynasty traits gets you almost nothing with this list as it will only effect the cryptek and immortals.

Second, the monolith is just not good and especially in this list. You could drop it and take any number of additional choices, especially infantry to get objectives.

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Made in de
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Three durable models in the realm of Eradicators, Invader ATV, and Firestrike Serve-Turrets?
I'll opt for a horde Necron army atm.

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