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Made in us
Scouting Shadow Warrior

Longmont, Co

Costs 3 cp to field

Silent king

Technomancer- solar staff, phylacterine hive, cloak
Technomancer- veil, dimensional sanctum, cloak

Praetorians x 9- rods
Praetorians x 9- rods (translocation crypt)

Tomb blades x 9- gauss, shields, scopes
Tomb blades x 9- gauss, shields, scopes

Lychguard x 9- shields (translocation crypt)

Going for mobility and selective firepower. T5 spam.

The king makes the bikes hit on a 2+ rerollable, your troop slayers. He gets to be a distraction carnifex AND a beat stick. Everything in the army is buffable.

Praetorians and lychguard for deepstriking on an objective and keeping that objective. The techy with the veil gets to join them via dimensional sanctum and then redeploy the lychguard using the veil.

Techys should get plenty of use out of their repair abilities. Can even repair the king himself but I guess only after both his menhirs drop.

The bikes can either translocate for a guaranteed 21” move (relentless March) or roll their d6 run instead and still get to shoot, using the stratagem.

All of the things. Most of the time. 
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Blast weapon being a thing, i'm not a fan...

To be fair, the silent king isn't as great as we think...

I think the new core Will be 3 canoptek doomstalkers with a technomancer.

But hey, let me know how well this list does, I could be surprised !
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