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Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Patrol Detachment

Sangpriste 120 warlord, Jump pack
Astorath 150 Cantile of hate, Mantra of strenght
Assult intercessors 100 sarge powersword
Assult intercessors 100 sarge powersword
Death comp 280 10 marines 2 hammers

Patrol Detatchemnt
The sanguinor 150
Mephiston 155 WIngs of sanguinus , Quickening, shilde of sanguinius
Heavy intercessors 140 Exicutors rifels
Sanguinari guard 280 8 marines 2 fists 1 inferno pistol
Sanguinari guard 285 8 marines 2 fists 2 inferno pistols
Eradicators 120 Melta Rifles
Eradicators 120 Melta Rifles

I love the idea of a blood angels army with no tanks, or dreds.
with 2000 points i think a mix of hard hitting units, like the Eradicators.
And the new heavy intercessors, who can sit on a objetive with their 42 range rifels
the death comp, Astorath and mephiston can hunt big things or hordes.
The Sangpriste now gives a Fnp aura. and can heal. So with a jump pack on , he can move with the sang guard.
What do you think ?
10 command points
51 figures , 125 wounds, some behind T5.
I used to play 4 Assult squads, Mephiston, and some Devs back in the old day. so this is the closest i could get today

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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User



I really like the list, good to see a fellow blood angel player going for the assault feel.

I did have a couple of questions,

-on the death company why thunder hammers over power fists, for the same points could have an extra power fist
-mephiston unfortunately doesn't get the old blood angels powers, we only get the ones from the new codex. This is very sad, but mephiston is still really good, can use him with might of heros and the 5up invulnerable save aura.
-do you have a particular idea for the inferno pistols on the sanguinary guard, for me the range always limits them and if they are that close they are going to be killing whatever they charge.

Just my personal thoughts, overall think its a really good list that would be fun to play

For The Emperor and Sanguinius! 
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

I know Mephiston only gets Marine vanlia powers atm, but i cant see why the wings , and all those things wont come back when we get the full codex.
And the inferno pistols are just so soften upp tanks or big things before i charge them. Yeah you are right about the fists, Might go for a few of them insteead,

Made in us
Raging-on-the-Inside Blood Angel Sergeant

I've been toying around with similar but using x2 impulsors and blade guard

personally id drop one of the patrol hqs, heavy intecessors, and the infernos/th - add in as many autobolt intecessors as able and throw pfists on every sgt ... gives you more board coverage and every unit is able to put out a massive amount of damage in cc if needed.
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