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Clan Kultur : Snakebites

HQ: Big Mek in Mega Armour . da killa klaw, da kleverest Boss, warlord (follow me ladz), Grot oiler, Kustom force field, KMB ,

Troops: 29 x Boys with slugga & choppa, 3x tankbusta bombs, 1 Nob with dual choppas,

Fast attack : 1x Megatrakk scrapjet

Heavy Support : 2x Deffdreads with 3x rokkit launcher 1x killsaw
2x smasha gun

The list is for a Little tournament - what do you guys think ? i have no experience in 750 Points games thank you

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Waaagh! Ork Warboss on Warbike

In my opinion, the mob of boyz is too expensive at such low point levels, you might be better off with throwing 10 boyz in a trukk and get another buggy.

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