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Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi Guys,
im a beginner with playing Orks and i need some advice.
A friend of mine now started to collect Necrons and we have kind of bet who makes it first to paint 500 points an win one match with a fully painted army against the other one

But i have no idea what kind of Ork army might work against Necrons.
Can you please give me some hints?

My first Idea of Army wood be this:

Army Kultur - Deathskulls


Warboss (90 points)
Attack Squig, Da Biggest Boss, Da Killa Klaw, Kombi-Rokkit, Might is Right, Power Klaw, Warlord


Boys (140 points)
1x Boss Nob with Power Claw and Slugga
13x Ork Boys with Slugga & Choppa (one with Tankbusta Bomb)
1x Boy with Rokkit Launcha


Nobs (100 points)
3x with Big Choppa & Slugga
2x with two Choppas


Deff Dread Mob (105 points)
1x Deff Dread with two Dread Klaws and two Dread Saws


Trukk (65 points)
with Big Shoota

This all are exactly 500 Points.

Do you think i can go with this against Necrons?

Thanks a lot for some hints.

Made in de
Waaagh! Ork Warboss on Warbike

Well, not much you could do vastly differently at 500 points. But this looks good enough.

To give any further advice, I would need to know what other models you have available or at least how much you are willing to spend.

Earth is not flat
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Orks are not a melee army
Stand up for science!
Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks a lot

I already bought in a moment of madness quite a lot of orks... but they are sadly unpainted
So now i try first to get a base of 500 points painted. Some allready are.
But i wanted to know witch minis make the most sense to paint them first.
So there will be not the problem to get some missing units to round up an army list.... an my oponents have no problem with some proxy miniatures.

Mostly i play against Space Marines and Necrons... but i havnt managed it to win not a single game till now.
They are killing my units too fast... and i dont know how to prevent this.
Even with Painboys and Kustom Force Fields. And putting everything in a Transport have not worked too till now.
But i played about 5 or 6 games till then.... so first i need to learn a lot about strategy.
I think the hints here in the forum are really helpfull.
I was a kind shocked when i read that orks are no melee army
So im allready thinking about risking a bit more firepower.
Playing Orks is really a lot of fun...im not that kind of person who wants to win all the time... but sometimes a win can be cool

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