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Fresh-Faced New User

Played Deathwatch a bit in the past and haven't even touched marines with doctrines until now. Looking for any tips on this list and playing in general:

2000 total pts.

- Primaris Captain (Master Crafted Auto Bolt Rifle)
- Primaris Lt. (Indomitus)

- 5x Intercessors w/ Bolt Rifles
- 5x Intercessors w/ Bolt Rifles
- 5x Intercessors w/ Bolt Rifles

Fast Attack:
- 3x Outriders
- 3x Outriders

Heavy Support:
- 3x Eradicators
- 4x Eradicators (one more here because of points)

- 2x Impulsors w/ Shield

- 3x Baldeguard Vets
- 3x Baldeguard Vets
- Bladeguard Ancient
- Judiciar
- 2x Invictor w/ Incendium Cannon

- Each Impulsor will have 3x Bladeguard and either the Ancient or Judiciar (both having ObSec aura, move up the board sitting on objectives)
- Deploy the Invictors up the board
- Drive the Outriders up the middle to cause problems there
- Kinda unsure about deployment of the Intercessors, Eradicators and HQs. Some Eradicators in reinforcements?
- Should I replace the Judiciar/Ancient with a Chaplain in one of the Impulsors? I don't currently own an Apothacary.
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