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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey all! this is my first army, and I've painted up roughly 1k points already (I won't change what I've already painted). This is a fluffy casual army (RIP legacy of dorn), but I want to make it strong to beat my regular opponents who run decently optimized lists.

Tor Garadon (Painted)
Primaris Lieutenant w/master crafted auto br
Indomitus Lieutenant

5 Intercessors with auto bolt rifles, sergeant has a power fist (Painted)
5 Intercessors with auto bolt rifles, sergeant has a chainsword, but could swap for a powerfist, (Painted)
5 Heavy Intercessors (?)
5 Heavy Intercessors (?)

5 Boltstorm aggressors (Painted)
3 Assault centurions with HB and flamers (I know these are meh now but I painted them before the codex dropped and I think they're cool so I'm running them)
2 Invictor tactical warsuits with auto cannons
1 Primaris apothecary

Fast Attack
5 inceptors with bolters

Heavy Support
Repulsor executioner with laser destroyer (Painted)
Leviathan Dreadnought with storm cannons (Haven't bought this yet)
6 Eradicators

also have a redemptor dreadnought, 3 eliminators and 10 hellblasters I could use.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

If you’re sticking with the centurions give them some kind of transport to get them up the table quickly. I’m adding some of these to my Dark Angels now that we can get them finally but with meltas for a suicide squad tank killer unit. Also you don’t really have many heavy support tank killer options even a single group of hellblasters and a repulsor at 3K won’t do enough damage before getting wiped out. The leviathan with the storm cannons is good but I’d look into the melta lance and grav flux cannon to fill in some anti tank options.
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